Another Duggar Lawsuit Plagues ’19 Kids And Counting’ Family — Find Out Who Owes What And Why!

Jim Bob Duggar has been quoted in the past about his preference to pay cash for everything. The Duggar patriarch doesn’t like debt, and has taught his children to do as much as they can to stay out of debt, as well. It looks like family lessons might not carry over to certain members of the family, though, or maybe they really just didn’t have a choice. Either way, another Duggar lawsuit has been launched and this time, it’s because one of them didn’t pay about $50,000 in medical bills. It turns out that the debt belongs to a Duggar cousin. Will the 19 Kids and Counting family member get help in paying back their massive medical debt?

It was first posted by the Facebook Group called Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray, a photo of lawsuits filed in Benton County where they live was posted to the group. In the photo, it was revealed that Dillon King, the husband of Amy Duggar, is being sued by the Northwest Medical Center for $51,940.53.

According to Radar Online, the large medical bills resulted from a car accident that Dillon King was in back in January, 2015. King in the hospital from January 22 to January 25, 2015. The actual procedures that King underwent are not public record because of HIPAA laws that protect his privacy.

Days after Dillon King’s car accident, Amy Duggar posted a message on Instagram to let their fans know what was going on. “He had a head on collision … someone drove directly into his lane and hit him at 45 mph,” Amy said. “He has a broken femur, he has an 18 inch rod in his leg!” It’s unclear if someone else was at fault for the accident, why they haven’t been made responsible for the Duggar cousin-in-law’s debt. Is it possible that the hospital is holding Dillon King responsible while a lawsuit against the other driver is pending?

In any case, the longer King waits to pay his medical bill, the bigger the debt gets. Radar also reported that in addition to the original medical bills, the hospital also sued and won a judgment for nearly $10k more in lawyer fees and interest. Despite the car accident not even being Dillon King’s fault, he has debt piling up and will be forced to pay. Now that the Northwest Medical Center has a judgment against King, they could even try to garnish his wages. One way or another, the hospital bills from last year will get paid.

Design & Trend pointed out that despite Jim Bob Duggar’s debt-free philosophy, his own son, Josh Duggar, also has outstanding bills. The most controversial Duggar was busted after claiming a tax lien from the state of Arkansas had already been paid. It was shown after Josh made his claim that the debt was still showing, according to state records. While $14,000 isn’t really a huge tax bill considering that Josh Duggar was accused of not paying his fair share for four years straight, it still goes to show that not all of the 19 Kids and Counting family share the same virtue as their famous father, Jim Bob Duggar.

In Dillon King’s case, his medical bills were unavoidable since he wasn’t even responsible for the wreck. There aren’t enough details about what treatment Amy Duggar’s husband needed, but it’s very possible that the unpaid hospital bills were his co-pays and deductibles. A multi-night stay alone can bring bills into the tens of thousands. King will likely get the debt paid off, it has also been reported that he is working so payments will be made whether they are voluntary or not.

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