Trai Byers & Grace Gealey Married: ‘Empire’ Stars’ Secret Wedding Without Costars

Empire stars Trai Byers & Grace Gealey got married this week without any of their costars in attendance.

According to TMZ, Trai and Grace were married on Thursday in a very intimate ceremony that was not attended by any of their Empire costars. Byers and Gealey’s nuptials took place in the Grand Cayman Islands, which just so happens to be where the beautiful bride grew up. The bride and groom both wore white to celebrate their special day and it was a perfect fit for their laid-back, beach-style wedding. TMZ has published a few pictures of the now husband and wife, saying, “I do.”

It was truly a very secret wedding for Empire stars Trai Byers and Grace Gealey. In fact, it was so secret that only family and a few very close friends where invited. Trai and Grace did not include any of their costars on the list of special people they wanted to be part of their wedding. Although it is clearly their choice who they want to be there to watch them become man and wife, are Byers and Gealey sending those they work with a message? Is there some sort of drama going on behind the scenes of the hit show?

Trai and Grace met on Empire and began dating in 2014. Last October Gealey confirmed that Byers had popped the question and she said yes. Now a mere seven months later the two are officially husband and wife.

Empire stars Grace Gealey and Trai Byers’ wedding may have happened secretly, but their secret didn’t last very long at all. Less than two days after the wedding took place, the news that Byers and Gealey were hitched broke, along with the big news that not a single one of their Empire costars were there. Yes, the cat is out of the bag now, and fans wonder just how their cast mates feel about being left out?

Perhaps their costars were actually aware of the secret wedding between Trai and Grace. Maybe the couple looped them all in before the big day and shared why none of them were invited. It is certainly a possibility that there is no bad blood or that this is not a big diss towards the other Empire stars. It just seems awfully suspicious that not one of their friends from the show was there to witness the couple become husband and wife

The news that none of the Empire cast were in attendance at Trai Byers and Grace Gealey’s wedding comes hot on the heels of reports that Trai wants out of the hit FOX show. The New York Post recently published an article claiming that the actor wanted to leave the show. The story went on to talk about how Byers went to Yale and is a “true thespian” and that his character is “beneath him.” Trai denied the claim that he was looking for an out in an Instagram post that talked about Season 3 of the show. Now that Byers and Gealey got married without any of the Empire family there, could there be some truth to the New York Post article?

A huge congrats goes out to newlyweds Grace and Trai. Despite who may or may not have been in attendance, a marriage and wedding are beautiful life moments. Here is hoping that these two have a lifetime of happiness together.

What do you think about Empire stars Trai Byers and Grace Gealey getting married without any of their costars there?

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