‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump Is Dead To Mohamed Hadid

One of the relationships that seemingly gave birth to the others on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is allegedly over for good, as Mohamed Hadid has decided that there is no room in his life for Lisa Vanderpump. It seems that Lisa Vanderpump crossed that line that most adult friendships understand and that is the children are off limits. Vanderpump allegedly continued to press Hadid on the subject of his children and Lyme Disease, and he has finally had enough of the insinuations that his children do not suffer from Lyme Disease.

According to The Inquisitr, Bella and Anwar Hadid are struggling with Lyme Disease, as does their mother, RHOBH Yolanda Hadid. Why the Real Housewives women won’t let this go is a mystery to most viewers, who think there are more things going on that to suggest that a sick woman and her children are faking a horrible neurological disease, caused by tick bites.

TMZ is reporting that Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump has called BS one too many times to Mohamed Hadid about his children Bella and Anwar and their struggle with Lyme Disease. Vanderpump went on, and said to the other women that she spoke to Mohamed Hadid personally and he told her (Vanderpump) that the children did not have Lyme Disease.

The problem is, that Bella and Anwar Hadid do have Lyme Disease and likely contracted it at the same time as their mother, Real Housewives Yolanda Hadid. According to the source, Vanderpump asked Mohamed Hadid for the last time about Bella and Anwar Hadid and Lyme Disease while he was taping a dinner with friends. Mohamed Hadid has grown tired and annoyed of Vanderpump’s questions about his children and has decided that he is done with Vanderpump.

Most people believe that children are off limits, and Mohamed Hadid does not understand what seems to be Vanderpump’s obsession with his children and the disease that will sadly last them a lifetime. Mohamed Hadid has stated that he will be cordial for Real Housewives shoots, but that the friendship with Vanderpump is over, and he has no interest in discussing it further.

Hollywood Take says that the 20 plus year friendship between Mohamed Hadid and Lisa Vanderpump is over, because Vanderpump could not leave the topic of Lyme Disease and Bella and Anwar Hadid alone. On an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump claimed that Mohamed Hadid told her specifically that Bella and Anwar Hadid did not have Lyme Disease, suggesting that Hadid had opened up about the topic with Vanderpump.

Apparently, buzz behind the backs of your friends is acceptable on Real Housewives, but when you share things with others while the Bravo tape is rolling, that is unacceptable. When Hadid heard, and likely saw, Vanderpump question the Lyme Disease of his children, Bella and Anwar, on this season’s Real Housewives, he had finally reached his breaking point and decided that the friendship is over.

In her defense, Lisa Vanderpump was now said, again, on Real Housewives, that she now believes that Bella and Anwar Hadid do have Lyme Disease, but thought it was odd that Mohamed Hadid never mentioned it to her, on or off tape on Real Housewives. The last nail in the coffin of the friendship between Lisa Vanderpump and Mohamed Hadid was likely when Vanderpump said she thought it was unnecessary to apologize to Yolanda Hadid for doubting Anwar and Bella’s Lyme Disease. The sooner Vanderpump learns that the children, even of reality stars, are off limits, the better for the rest of her Real Housewives friendships.

Do you believe that Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump and Mohamed Hadid will ever speak again, or did the Lyme Disease argument end their 20-year friendship?

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