Jennifer Aniston Admits To Breakdown Following Marriage To Justin, Distraught Over Theroux’s Contact With Ex

Jennifer Aniston has been quite open about her adoring and loving relationship with now-hubby Justin Theroux. The Cake actress was sure to enjoy a secretive backyard ceremony, followed by a relaxing and luxurious honeymoon in Bora Bora that interestingly enough involved a group of friends joining in on the travels.

Just like most of us, however, who head out on an incredible journey to a new and exciting local, Jen found returning to normal life very difficult. In a recent interview, Aniston fessed up to the emotional toll it took on her to return home from such a fairy tale experience following the wedding and perfectly relaxing honeymoon.

Not only did Jen have to return home to her typical life in her Bel Air estate, but she was expected on set for the Gary Marshall film Mother’s Day, where she portrays a divorcée whose ex-husband remarried a much younger woman.

While on the red carpet for the film’s premiere Aniston was asked what it was like to re-adjust after returning from her blissful holiday, then be summoned directly to the set to take on the said role. Aniston responded candidly, as Redbook relays.

“Well, hence the breakdown. That’s how I felt. That was sort of what was going on internally. Anything for [director] Gary Marshall.”

Perhaps the main reason for an emotional response that involved nearing an internal breakdown when needed back on set has to do with the fact that Justin, in Jen’s words, is the funniest person she has ever met. He clearly isn’t too hard on the eyes either. It’s therefore understood as to why she may have been in withdrawal when forced away from her man.

In additional recent news that delves into a darker side of the seemingly perfect marriage between Jen and Justin, rumors have been circulating that the adorable couple’s marriage is actually in crisis. Sources have claimed that Jen is distraught over Justin reaching out to contact his ex, Heidi Bivens. Yahoo shares the apparent details of the troublesome scenario.

“For months, Jen has been suspicious that Justin was communicating with Heidi. Jen confronted Justin. She broke down in tears and demanded that he cut off communication with Heidi immediately. Justin tried to apologize and made a few lame excuses about he and Heidi having mutual friends. This is the ultimate betrayal for Jen and her absolute worst nightmare.”

Reports allege that Jennifer Aniston feels destroyed by Justin’s contact with his ex, which is perhaps an alternative reason she may be focused on past breakdowns over separation from her beau.

In a recent discussion, Aniston noted how her life is made out to be far more dramatic than it actually is, thanks to tabloid rumors that fly about constantly, regarding her relationship with Theroux. Due to this, Jen has vowed to be inactive on social media to attempt to quiet the mess that the tabloids create, noting that by posting personal bits about her real life, she’d be asking for more media attention, some in the negative light, which is what she wishes to avoid. Yahoo shares the actresses words on the subject.

“I feel like it takes mystery away. I feel like we know too much. I’m a tabloid nightmare. My life seems so much more dramatic and interesting than it is just because of the stupid tabloids, so why would I sort of invite it myself?”

Without verification of her and Justin’s marriage being in “crisis,” it’s clear that these new claims may simply be more tabloid rumors that aren’t the slightest bit true.

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