When Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Were Up All Night

Some fit photographs of the One Direction boys Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan have been floating around on social media today.



The pics show the guys during what many fans consider one of their hottest periods — the Up All Night tour.

The British stars channeled their inner boarding school pupil and wore crisp blazers, spotless taupe or white trousers, and stripy, slightly sailor-y tops. Harry Styles’ hair is still styled in those glossy curls he sported when we were first getting to know him. Louis Tomlinson wears the red pants that were his trademark at the time, and looks very similar to the way he did on the beach in the band’s first video “What Makes You Beautiful.”

In one shot, Harry Styles stares into the camera and you can see how much the heartthrob has changed in just a few short years. Harry’s face has elongated since then, maturing into a more heart-shaped structure. When you see pictures of Harry today, he has a longer, thinner chin, slimmer cheekbones, and a more pronounced forehead, with a dramatic devilish V cutting down the middle (of course, we couldn’t see that at all when he used to cover his forehead with those curls.)


Harry’s eyes also seemed darker and more intense back in the Up All Night days. A few years seem to have mellowed the still-very-young 22-year-old. When you see pictures of Harry now, his eyes are a sweet greenish-grey, with a gentler expression.

Was the excitement of coming into fame and fortune showing itself on the face of 2012 Harry, who has now gotten used to it all?

The hunk took to Twitter recently to remind fans that it has been six whole years since he auditioned for the X Factor.

One could argue that Louis Tomlinson has gone the other way, and these days has a harder look in his eyes.


To be fair, this is probably nothing more than the result of many sleepless nights looking after baby Freddie Reign, who has appeared in some adorable pictures recently. Fans have now memorized the contours of Freddie’s tiny hands — the infant always holds his hand in a similar position, with one finger curled as if he is preparing to reach for something.

Just today, Freddie melted fans’ hearts worldwide when he appeared in a social media shot wearing a tiny pair of Vans.

The Daily Mail reports that Louis Tomlinson recently spoke out criticizing suggestions that his baby is not real. Louis was addressing the belief some Directioners hold that Freddie is not Louis’ child — or indeed, that the baby in most or all of the released pictures is actually a doll.

Briana Jungwirth, the former fling of Louis Tomlinson and mother of baby Freddie, has also spoken out against the fake baby conspiracy theorists, calling the spreaders of such rumors “cruel” and “sick,” according to Hello Magazine.

Louis may be a little tired from long care-taking nights, and fed up with fan rumors, but he has a lot to smile about too. It has just been revealed that Britain’s five top acts — Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, One Direction, Adele, and Sam Smith — sold half the world’s best-seller albums last year, meaning, half the top 10 best-sellers worldwide were recorded by these British acts.


Louis hit some social media milestones too. On April 12, the ever-more-popular Doncaster hunk clocked up an impressive 9 million Instagram followers.

As if that wasn’t enough, it has been reported that One Direction’s Made In The AM has sold 2.4 million copies, placing it at No. 6 of all UK artists.


Are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson better than ever?

[Image by AP Photo/Charles Sykes]

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