‘Big Brother Canada’ 4: Week 8 Spoilers — Nick & Phil Share HOH, Tempers Flare After Nominations, and Have Nots Revealed

Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada 4 saw one cast member voted out of the house and sent to jury, as Canada played a major part in who would become the next Head of Household (HOH) and rule the game in week 8. In addition, nominations took place after the show ended, and one house guest was reportedly furious about being on the chopping block.

Nick and Phil, brothers who are required to play as one house guest, were chosen by Canada, along with international Big Brother icon Nikki, to vie for the HOH crown. Following that announcement by Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox, a game of chance determined who would rule, as each house mate – excluding Maddy, the outgoing HOH – dropped a ball into a spinning roulette wheel. As fate would have it, the Pax Brothers randomly won power for the week.

According to Joker’s Updates, Nick and Phil went back and forth as to who to nominate for eviction. Phil wanted to speak to Tim to get his take on things, but was unable to do so. Nick argued that Tim just tells everyone what they want to hear, so the conversation was unnecessary anyway.

Big Brother Network reports that nominations in week 8 of Big Brother Canada 4 were “the messiest nom processes… seen in awhile as the brothers couldn’t make up their mind for more than a few minutes at a time as they jumped between Maddy/Ramsey and Jared/Kelsey.”

Eventually, however, Nick and Phil discovered Tim, Joel, and Nikki in the HOH room and asked for their opinions on the matter. Joker’s updates reports that Nikki asserted Maddy is extremely powerful as a player, and then balked at the notion that Jared be placed on the block. Nevertheless, Tim suggested Jared and Maddy should be targets this week. After Tim, Joel, and Nikki left the HOH room, Kelsey entered, wanting to speak to the brothers.

After indicating that she thought Tim may want to be placed on the block to make himself and his game look better, Phil noted he and Nick were still unsure about what to do. Nick eventually asked Kelsey to leave the room, and subsequently revealed to Phil that he could not stand her, according to Joker’s Updates.

After much deliberation, the Pax Brothers finally decided to place Maddy and Ramsey, Maddy’s closest ally, on the block. According to Big Brother Network, Maddy’s version of Nick and Phil’s nomination speech went something like, “the house didn’t much like her,” that she was a huge physical threat regarding competitions, and that “everyone loves Ramsey.”

This did not sit well with Maddy, as Joker’s Updates reports she was absolutely furious about Nick and Phil’s decision. She proclaimed that she had kept the brothers safe last week when she was HOH.

Maddy was also apparently seen on live feeds telling Ramsey that he definitely won’t be voted out of the house. She stated that unless she wins the upcoming Power of Veto (POV) competition, she will be sent to jury, Joker’s Updates reports.

Maddy further advised Ramsey to remain friends with those in the Big Brother Canada 4 house because she won’t be there after the eviction episode Thursday night. She told Ramsey that Tim does not care about them one bit, and that she certainly did not want to speak with him, according to Joker’s Updates.

As the evening went on, Maddy and Ramsey were seen on live feeds whispering as they lay in bed, contemplating the events of the day and how to proceed from here. At one point, Ramsey could be seen crying about the situation, as he and Maddy have become extremely close.

One bright spot in the Big Brother Canada 4 game this week for Maddy and Ramsey was neither was a Have Not and forced to eat slop during their time as nominees. Instead, the Have Nots were Cassandra, Kelsey, and Tim.

Should Maddy or Ramsey win POV on Saturday, it is really unclear who Nick and Phil would use as a replacement nominee. If Maddy wins and removes herself from the block, they would likely choose someone they want to go home, as they are fond of Ramsey. But, should Ramsey win the POV and saves himself, it is likely the Pax brothers would choose a pawn – someone who is well-liked in the house who they believe will remain safe – to ensure Maddy will pack her bags and head to the Big Brother Canada 4 jury house.

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