Bella Hadid Racist Tweets: Model Steps Out With The Weeknd Amid Accusations

Bella Hadid has been accused of posting racist tweets. Some of the model’s old tweets have been making the rounds on social media on Friday, making some wonder if she’s really a racist. Of course, there are some who have argued that she wouldn’t be racist if she’s dating The Weeknd.

According to Bossip, someone dug up Bella Hadid’s old tweets from 2012 when she was an up-and-coming model. The now-deleted tweets include the N-word and other flowery language. In one of the tweets, she quoted a Tyler, The Creator lyric.

“Got all the black b****es mad, ’cause my main b**** vanilla. Just stole a black man’s chicken. Oops.”

The model even admitted that she’s used the N-Word when she’s quoting or mouthing along to rap music.

“#YouKnowYoureWhiteWhen you know all the correct lyrics to every gangster rap song ever made and sing every word except for n*****,” Tehran Sopravaz tweeted.

“Guess I’m not white,” Bella responded. “#awkward” Then she added: “@Lana_Kai you can see my freckles n****! #happygirl”

You can read the tweets in full here, but keep in mind that they’re vulgar in nature.

The Weeknd has been faced with some racist drama of his own. A video of a TMZ reporter asking the R&B singer how often he washes his hair has been making rounds on the internet. It all starts when the reporter spots The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, at LAX airport and asks him about his hair regimen.

The “Can’t Feel My Face” singer processes the question and says, “I’m black.”

Then the reporter asks, “How often do you wash it, man?”

The singer responds, “Every day.”

The video then cut to TMZ’s staff room, where they seem shocked to hear this information.

“Really?!” TMZ‘s Harvey Levin asks his staff.

Most of the white staffers appeared puzzled. They asked questions such as “I thought it was dreads though?” and “How do you wash dreads every day?”

There was a black staffer in the room who was fed up with these ignorant questions, so he aired his own thoughts.

“Shut up stupid white people. You wash your dreads every day because it already locks, and you can wash it as much as you want to,” the staffer said from the back of the room.

“Why am I a stupid white person if I don’t know this?” Levin then asked.

“Because you think people with dreads don’t wash their hair — they wash their hair all the time,” the staffer replies.

“I didn’t know!” Levin exclaims.

“Because… you’re stupid white people,” the staffer added.

Racism drama aside, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd have been spotted together on a recent date. They made time for a sporty date at Kobe Bryant’s final Lakers games at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Both Hadid, 19, and The Weeknd, 26, wore black head-to-toe ensembles.

Bella opted for a black mini dress with a matching satin jacket. She accessorized her courtside look with silver chain necklaces and black trainers. She kept her signature dark hair pulled up in a sporty topknot and wore soft makeup.

Meanwhile, The Weeknd stuck to his signature style of a black canvas zip-up jacket, black trousers, and white sneakers. The couple, who have been dating for almost a year, laughed with fellow fans as they soaked up the courtside action.

The Weeknd, Bella Hadid
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

While Hadid hasn’t apologized for her tweets, she did apologize for posing topless for a new photo shoot. She took to Instagram to share an NSFW photo of her upcoming “secret project” along with the caption, “Sorry mama.”

But proud mom Yolanda Foster understands since it’s part of her daughter’s job to sometimes pose nude and/or topless. Before appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Foster also modeled most of her life.

What are your thoughts on Bella Hadid’s old tweets? Do you think she is racist or just acting immature? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for International Center of Photography]

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