Freak Out! Grandmother’s Reaction To Facebook’s Face Swap Filter Is Priceless: Didn’t Like Beyoncé [Video]

Charley Stillwell probably didn’t know that sharing her grandmother’s reaction to Facebook’s Face Swap filters would go viral, or did she? Capturing her grandmother Sheila (Nan) Stillwell’s first experience with selfie filters had everybody in the room with her cracking up, and the rest of us as well. Nan had an epic meltdown that ranged from uncontrollable laughter to shrieks of horror to screams of delight.

There were several times in the video where the elderly woman almost fell out of her chair and moments where she struggled to catch her breath from laughing so hard. One can only imagine what the rest of us went through watching her take in technology. Charley’s cousin Kirsty Baker told Huffington Post that the video was meant for the family to enjoy, and they are thrilled that people seem to adore her grandmother.

“We are all overwhelmed that everyone loves her as much as we do. She’s had so many lovely messages!”

The younger Stillwell could be heard in the background teasing her grandmother, and other family members can be seen coming in and out of the picture frame laughing at the elderly Stillwell’s expense. When she was confronted with her face morphing into Beyoncé, Marilyn Monroe, and the other options, her reactions were hilarious.

Sheila "Nan" Stillwell playing with selfie filters on Face Swap.
[Photo still Charley Stillwell/Facebook]

“Oh look, aren’t they awful. Look at my eyebrows!”

She didn’t seem to like the Face Swap Beyoncé filter (who doesn’t like Beyoncé?) telling her granddaughter to “clear it off!,” and she wasn’t impressed with Marilyn Monroe either, saying that she looks better than the legendary Hollywood bombshell. Stillwell’s video clip has been seen over 3 million times and has over 25,000 shares.

YouTube is full of videos of people reacting to Face Swap and Snapchat filters, but there is something about someone who doesn’t quite understand technology, or know what to expect from it, that is absolutely priceless.

Because of her adorable reactions to the Face Swap technology, she is now an immediate internet star and is grateful for all of the positive messages from all over the world. She has already enjoyed a live radio interview on radio station KMFM and lots of positive responses from people who found the clips of her face morphing hysterical. Like potato chips, you can’t stop at one, and this video is to be enjoyed multiple times.

“Oh, that’s wicked. Look! My teeth are hanging out!”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg purchased the live face-swapping software MSQRD (pronounced Masquerade) in March, a wise move, but the app still has competition from Snapchat, the leader in face-morphing. Zuckerberg announced the acquisition in a Facebook post wearing an Iron Man mask, one of the options available on the app. Seeing granny in an Iron Man mask? Now that would have been funny.

[Photo Stills via Charley Stillwell/Facebook]

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