Coachella Live Stream 2016: Weekends One And Two, Watch Now [Video]

Coachella’s live stream is up and running. And, here’s where you can watch it, free of charge. If you couldn’t get Coachella tickets, no worries.

Coachella’s 2016 lineup is pretty intense this year. According to Coachella’s official site, the live stream events start on April 15. Of course, there are several stages at the event. The stage venues are Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi, Mojave, Sahara, and Yuma. Each one seems to have its own separate lineup per day.

As far as Coachella’s live stream, it’s conducted via its YouTube page. According to the webcast video, live performances start at 3:30 pm, Pacific Daylight Time/6:30 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Billboard magazine mentions that, at Coachella 2016, there will be a few “heartbreaking” time conflicts, as the source elaborates.

“Difficult decisions must be made. Do you pass over an artist you love because an artist you love even more is playing all the way across the festival, or do you split the difference in catch to have sets? Then, of course, you run the risk of missing your favorite songs from both artists. There is no easy answer to solve these problems.”

However, given the number of Coachella musical acts, time complications could be expected.

Via Twitter, Coachella announced that the doors were open. That means people will start flooding in until showtime.

According to Press Enterprise, recent worldwide attacks have boosted the need for extra police precautions at this year’s Coachella festival. The source notes the terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and San Bernardino as the causes of increased police presence.

The Press Enterprise mentions that Coachella 2016 could be a “potential target.” Generally, the Coachella’s festival sells approximately 100,000 tickets for both weekends. The source has mentioned that local law enforcement, as well as Coachella festival security, have been preparing for the “‘nightmare’–type scenarios.”

Indio Police Department’s Sergeant Dan Marshall made a comment to the source about their ability to handle potential situations. The Coachella 2016 officer delivered the following statement.

“We are adequately staffed to handle any situation that may come upon us during the festival season. This festival takes almost 8 months to prepare for. We take world events into account.”

The sergeant wouldn’t go into absolute detail about the police force’s preparedness methods, or detail what they’re prepared to do in case there’s a terrorist-type situation at Coachella 2016. However, he assured everyone that the Coachella event will be well-handled.

Amplify’s founder, David Brooks, seems to have complete confidence in Coachella’s security protocols for 2016. He states, “They not only have very comprehensive security plans in place, but they’ve done drills simulating an active shooter situation.”

However, Brooks also mentions that one of the biggest safety concerns is drug overdoses. Another large safety concern is binge drinking. He states as follows.

“It’s still definitely on their minds. The company that does security for the festival is Staff Pro out of Huntington Beach. Those guys are constantly thinking about mass casualty shootings and active shooters. They’re always preparing for that worst nightmare scenario.”

So, hopefully, the viewers at home won’t have to witness anything “pop off” via Coachella’s live broadcast, above.

All in all, even though you may not have the chance to go to the physical location, you can see Coachella’s live stream, right here. Be sure to save and come back to this link for all the Coachella 2016 live stream action. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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