Queen’s 90th Birthday Cake Will Be Made By ‘GBBO’ Winner

Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday is undeniably a momentous occasion for the British monarchy and at the heart of the celebrations is going to be her birthday cake. When it comes to who’ll be making that cake, it’s an honor that’s been bestowed on the winner of the Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain. Winning the Great British Bake Off is undeniably pretty life changing, but the opportunity to bake the Queen’s birthday cake is without a doubt the biggest responsibility given to any winner of the British baking competition.

According to the Daily Mail, during an appearance on Loose Women, Nadiya Husain revealed that she had been asked to bake the Queen’s birthday cake. The winner of the Great British Bake Off revealed that she’d been keeping the plans around the Queen’s birthday cake secret for three weeks, before letting it slip on live TV. Her fellow presenters of the daytime TV show were left completely astounded by the announcement.

Speaking to her fellow Loose Women hosts, Jane Moore, Andrea McLean and Nadia Sawalha, Hussain revealed details around the cake she’d chosen to bake for the Queen. Hussain didn’t give away any precise details around the Queen’s birthday cake, but she did reveal that she’d be preparing an orange drizzle cake with orange curd and orange buttercream and fondant. The baker didn’t reveal how she’d come to choose that particular cake for the Queen, leading many to speculate that it could very well be the Queen’s choice, and possibly her favorite sweet treat.

Great British Bake Off Winner Nadiya Hussain
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As reported by the Guardian, Hussain told viewers of Loose Women that perhaps the most surprised by the news that she was baking a cake for the Queen were her three children. Her boys apparently did a fantastic job of keeping the news a secret but were a little confused about who the Queen was. Quite amusingly, her daughter’s response to the news was “Oh Mary Berry? You’ve made lots of cakes for Mary Berry.” Mary Berry, 81, is one of the two judges on the Great British Bake Off.

When she received the news that she’d been asked to make the Queen’s birthday cake, Hussain was understandably pretty shocked herself. The baker who won the Great British Bake Off in 2015 initially thought the invitation was a joke until a call from her agent confirmed it. According to the Bake Off winner, the decision was a pretty easy one, exclaiming, “I can’t say no to the Queen!”

Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday cake will be delivered personally by Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain to Windsor Castle. However, the baker revealed that she was working on a tight schedule with the cake due on Thursday.

A spectacular birthday cake is only one of the many celebrations planned to mark the 90th birthday of the United Kingdom’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Celebrations will be held across the United Kingdom in May, with tickets to an event at Windsor Castle going on sale in November last year. 25,000 seats were initially available across four nights of celebration, but every ticket had been sold within five hours.

The celebration will take place between May 12 and 15 in Home Park, Windsor Castle, with 900 horses and 1,500 participants set to take part. It will be attended by members of the Royal Family each night, with the Queen herself attending the last performance, which will also be broadcast on national television in the U.K. For residents of the United Kingdom, the 90th birthday of their monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is undeniably going to be an exciting occasion, especially at a time when the future of the monarchy is in doubt.

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