‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Scrapp DeLeon Turns To Stevie J For Relationship Advice After Tiarra Finds Out About Tommie

It wasn’t long after Scrapp DeLeon was introduced on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that his love life seemed to blow up in his face. After plenty of nagging about telling his baby mama that he had a new girlfriend, Tommie decided to take matters into her own hands and confront Tiarra herself. Now that both women know about each other, Tiarra is withholding her son from Scrapp because his new woman has a very questionable past (and a lot of mugshots to prove it). Imagine fans’ surprise when Scrapp turns to his uncle Stevie J for advice on his very messy love life.

Stevie J seems like an odd choice to be giving relationship advice. After all, he was the one who started Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with Mimi Faust by his side and then ended up in his own love triangle when he tried to double dip and sneak around with Joseline Hernandez on the side. The whole ordeal turned into major drama, and eventually, Stevie ended up with Joseline and Mimi went down her own interesting relationship path.

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Since Scrapp has his own love triangle going with his baby mama and his very questionable new girlfriend, it only makes sense that Stevie J would give advice. He’s got a lot of experience in this area and even managed to get Joseline and Mimi to strike a truce this year. So when Scrapp sat down to talk to Stevie J about his relationship issues, we can only imagine what kind of advice is given.

In a preview clip released by VH1, Scrapp tries to explain his side of the love triangle.

In the clip, Scrapp says, “Tommie and Tiarra are driving me loco.”

Then the newcomer to LHHATL admits that he really loves both women and just doesn’t know what to do.

Despite the fact that he was lying to both women, he feels like they should both understand because of his legal issues and the fact that he might be headed to jail pretty soon. Scrapp explains to Stevie J that when Tiarra found out who his new girlfriend was, she started keeping their child from him. It wasn’t out of anger because he was cheating but actually because Tommie has a very lengthy criminal past and she wants to keep her son away from it.

Then again, Scrapp has a criminal past too, and he is currently serving prison time for it. Even though Scrapp DeLeon made his debut on LHHATL this season, he won’t be back for more. Before the current season even premiered, he was already sentenced to five years in prison and 15 more on probation, which he is currently serving as Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs.

Stevie J actually sounds like he’s learned a few things after years of dealing with Joseline and Mimi. While he doesn’t agree that Tiarra should keep their son away, he does tell Scrapp that he can’t maintain both women at the same time.

“You can’t say it’s not about them. Because they feel it’s about them,” Stevie J said to Scrapp.

Then Stevie revealed that he had the same dilemma with Mimi and Joseline.

“They feel like you gotta be passionate to one or the other. You can’t have them both. I went through years of Mimi and Joseline trying to make everyone happy. But in the end, I had to choose.”

It doesn’t seem like Scrapp wanted or expected Stevie J to tell him that he needed to choose one woman. Stevie even went so far as to suggest Scrapp head back to Tiarra. He referred to Tommie as a “loose cannon.” He compared her to Joseline Hernandez, who fans know has been having relationship problems with Stevie for some time now and is even rumored to have split from Stevie.

Will Scrapp DeLeon take Stevie J’s advice and scale back to just one woman in the months before his prison sentence starts? Tune into Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mondays at 8 p.m. on VH1.

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