Terra Jole and Joe Gnoffo from ‘Little Women: Terra’s Little Family’ Expecting Another Baby

Fans of the Little Women: Terra’s Little Family series have been watching Terra try to convince her husband, Joe, that it’s time to give 13-month-old daughter Penelope “Penny” Gnoffo a baby brother or sister. During the latest episode of the show he finally agreed, and now Us Weekly is sharing that the couple is expecting.

At this time, Terra and Joe haven’t announced the exciting news on social media yet. Jolé did tell Us that this time around she and Joe have decided to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex.

“We’re really hoping this time we don’t find out the gender and can go all the way without knowing,” Terra said, revealing that she is due in August. “Now we get to argue over two names instead of one!”

Terra Jolé stated that this pregnancy has been quite different than her first time around. Terra didn’t experience much nausea with Penny, but she was nauseated every day during her first trimester with this pregnancy.

“I was only nauseous maybe two days with Penelope and just toward the end I was very uncomfortable,” says the Texas native. “But whatever is growing inside of me this time is definitely different. There is not a day I didn’t have nausea in my first trimester!”

Like her parents, Penny also has dwarfism, and fans have watched this season as Terra and Joe have bravely tackled Penny’s multiple health challenges head on in order to insure she doesn’t have to deal with these issues later when she’s older. So far, Penny has had neck compression surgery that relieved pressure and swelling, and she has done very well since then. She will soon undergo another MRI to check fluid levels on her brain because high levels could eventually mean that she will require a shunt be inserted in her head to relieve the pressure.

Terra Jolé also appears on the series Little Women: LA, and two of her cast mates, Elena Gant (who is expecting twins) and Briana Renee, are expecting as well. Reality Tea notes that it seems like every week they’ve been sharing information on another cast member revealing pregnancy news, and that now it is Terra’s turn. With all these babies one thing is for sure, they’ll never be lacking for play-date pals for their children.

Although there seems to be a lot of drama and chaos around Terra and Joe, there couldn’t be two more devoted parents as they tenderly care for their adorable little Penny. Joe’s interactions with his daughter are heartwarming and fun to watch, especially when he is giving her “advice” about life. The new baby will definitely change things up, but these two can definitely handle the challenge.

Terra Jolé wears many hats, and besides acting and producing, she is also a singer-songwriter. Terra just released the first song from Penny’s Playlist of Nursery Rhymes performed by Terra Jole’. Recently viewers of Terra’s Little Family were able to watch her produce several of the videos for the songs. Joe and Terra’s friend, Tonya, also make appearances in the videos.

Since Terra and Joe will be adding a new baby to the household in August, hopefully Terra can patch things up with her nanny. Recently things became heated when Olevia wouldn’t answer Terra’s calls while she and Joe were away on a camping trip. Terra Jolé grew so concerned that they cut the trip short so they could check on their daughter. Once they got home, both women tried to clarify their position on the matter and it ended badly, with an upset Olevia leaving.

Are you a fan of the shows? Leave your comments, thoughts and opinions below. Terra’s Little Family airs with two back-two-back, 30-minute episodes on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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