Gwyneth Paltrow Says She’d Still Rather Smoke Crack Than Eat Spray Cheese

Gwyneth Paltrow won’t be eating cheese from a can anytime soon. The actress has reaffirmed her previous declaration that she would rather do illegal street drugs than eat processed dairy out of a can. In a new Q&A for her lifestyle website Goop, Paltrow said she stands by her 2012 statement that she’d “rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can.”

When a fan asked her if she still felt the same way about spray cheese product four years later, Gwyneth did not hold back.

“Hell yes. You know, crack might be extreme, but spray cheese is not my kind of party.”

Obviously, social media had a field day with Gwyneth’s crack comment.

As one Twitter user noted, “Monterey Jack is whack.”

With spray cheese out, what kind of cheese is Paltrow’s party? In the same Q&A session, Gwyneth said that more recently she has been getting into cashew cheese. Paltrow says the decidedly non-dairy vegan treat is pretty good, too, so it’s no surprise that a recipe for cashew cream can be found in her new cookbook It’s All Easy.

“Cashew cheese can be bought at a health food store and is pretty effing good, all things considered,” Paltrow said.

Gwyneth Paltrow has long been vocal about her opinions on healthy eating, and since money is no object for her, her ideas have come with some criticism. In addition to her failed attempt the Food Stamp Challenge last year, in which she was challenged to live on a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program budget of $29 for one week and ended up buying impractical things like kale, a lone ear of corn, and seven limes, Gwyneth recently made headlines for her high-dollar morning smoothie.

The recipe for Gwyneth’s “GP’s Morning Smoothie” was recently posted on her website, but critics slammed the drink due to its pricey list of ingredients that includes $60 per jar edible “moon dusts” and hard-to-find items like ashwagandha, ho shou wu, and cordyceps. A ballpark tally comes to $220 to purchase every ingredient needed to make the smoothie, but in her interview session, Gwyneth downplayed the cost of her signature smoothie, which she says she drinks every morning because she’s not a breakfast person.

“About 10 ‘o’clock, I have a nutrient-dense smoothie that costs nowhere near $200. I always eat salad for lunch with some protein, and as a general rule, I eat whatever I want for dinner.”

While spray cheese will never be on her menu, Gwyneth Paltrow says she does have a few “naughty” weaknesses, like pizza and wine. Gwyneth also really enjoys martinis and French fries and admits that while she can control what she brings into her home, when she’s out in the world with her kids, it can get tricky.

“I try to eat on the healthier side, but I’ll tell you when I have my pizza and wine, I enjoy it to the last crust,” Paltrow said. “All kids want is white sugar, white carbs, and processed foods…I try to have a pretty clean pantry at home, but if we pass a bag of Cheez-Its at the airport, or Apple sees Mexican Coke, it’s all over.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest comments about food come four years after she told British TV host Jonathan Ross that she would “rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can.” According to the Mirror, in the same interview, Paltrow revealed that her kids are banned from McDonald’s, and she also talked about her weakness for wine.

“I drink constantly while I’m cooking. Wine, either color.”

Take a look at the video below to see Gwyneth Paltrow eating her organic Goop by Juice Beauty skincare line. Yes, eating.

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