‘Outlander’ Season 2 Will Test Jamie And Claire’s Relationship, Plus Everything That Happens In Episode 2 [Preview]

Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) have arrived in Paris for Outlander’s second season. While the characters adjust to their new lives in high Parisian society, their relationship is going to be put to the ultimate test. How will these new challenges affect their relationship as Outlander gears up for its second episode?

Outlander Season 2 Spoilers: Claire and Jamie adapt to live in France.
Jamie and Claire at Versailles in Season 2 of ‘Outlander.’ [Image via Starz]
In an interview with TV Guide, Heughan shared how Jamie is a completely different person than in Season 1. While he mingles with politicians and royalty in the French court, fans will learn all sorts of things about their favorite Scotsman.

“We discover a lot about Jamie in Paris,” Heughan stated. “We discover he’s got quite a good head for numbers and business. He can play chess pretty well. We see another side to him.”

With a more refined Jamie in Season 2, the biggest question centers on how Claire will react to the changes in her husband. After all, Jamie and Claire’s love is central to Outlander, and both characters are still dealing with issues from Season 1.

“The relationship between these two characters is the most important part of the show and it really is tested in a large way,” Heughan explained.

The new setting isn’t the only element that will test their relationship. Jamie suffered a traumatic experience at the hands of Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) last season which still haunts him moving forward. Not only does Jamie struggle with the memories of his rape and imprisonment, but his struggles also impact his marriage.

'Outlander' Stars Sam Heughan And Tobias Menzies Open Up About That Brutal Rape Scene [Image via Starz]
Tobias Menzies, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in Season 1 of ‘Outlander.’ [Image via Starz]
“It takes quite a while to get to any point where he can even grapple with it. It’s a different time. This is not a century that dealt with anything like therapy or even the concept of talking through these difficulties,” Heughan stated. “It’s not in his nature or in the spirit of the time for him to find ways how to even deal with it — or even realize that he needs to deal with it. It definitely affects his relationship with Claire.”

Meanwhile, Outlander is getting ready for the second episode this season. What can fans expect to unfold in the coming installment? According to Radio Times, there is going to be plenty of sex in Episode 2 along with Jamie and Claire diving headfirst in their plans to change history.

For starters, the time traveling couple will begin to settle into their new life in Paris. Fans were treated to a huge time jump in the season premiere as things started in the 1940s in Scotland. However, the coming episode will see Jamie and Claire start to adjust to Paris and their drastic change in costume.

Jamie and Claire also establish some key friendships. For Jamie, his relationship with Murtagh will prove instrumental as the season progresses. Claire has made quite a few important friends as well, including Master Raymond, Louise, and Mary.

Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins [Image via Starz]
Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins [Image via Starz]
While Jamie and Claire have an almost impossible task ahead of them, their plans to change history will officially begin. This means that Jamie will meet up with Prince Charles Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) and start to mingle with his loyal supporters. At the same time, Jamie and Claire also meet King Louis XV, who is having a few issues with his bowels.

In regards to past demons, the coming episode will feature Jamie dealing with the scars from season one. While his physical scars are beginning to heal, Jamie will confront troubling nightmares that start to weigh on his marriage.

Lastly, fans can expect plenty of sex in the second installment. Unfortunately, Jamie and Claire won’t be involved in the action. Instead, the episode will feature plenty of brothels, infidelity, sex toys, and talks about certain “male appendages.”

Outlander airs Saturday nights on Starz, check out the preview for Episode 2 below.


[Image via Starz]

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