Does Gwen Stefani Need To Worry About Miley Cyrus Stealing Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice?’ [Video]

Since Miley Cyrus has replaced Gwen Stefani on The Voice, does Stefani have to worry about Cyrus stealing Blake Shelton? Although there’s no indication Gwen and Blake are on the rocks, reports have surfaced that the No Doubt frontwoman should be worried.

Miley has long been compared to Gwen since the two singers have similar styles and attitudes, making Cyrus a younger and “more relevant” version of Gwen. Before she started her time on The Voice, Cyrus even came to Blake and Stefani for advice.

Although Miley has been seen with ex-fiancee Liam Hemsworth, the pair aren’t engaged, leaving room for Blake to step in now that Gwen Stefani is no longer actively on The Voice. In a March 31 interview with Australia’s TV Week, Hemsworth confirmed that he’s “not engaged” to Miley, even though she’s been seen wearing the 3.5 carat engagement ring he gave her in 2013. Although “Miley never wanted to split,” according to an insider, “[t]hings just got so bad that they really needed the break.”

According to the same source, the pair is hanging out, and Miley is “very happy,” but they are definitely not engaged. Recently, Miley and Liam were spotted out at lunch with Hemsworth’s family on April 9, and they attended The Huntsman premiere together on April 11.

Miley has even tapped into Gwen and Blake’s romance advice about her relationship with Liam. An insider revealed that being on The Voice is “a great thing for her relationship with Liam,” adding that the “Wrecking Ball” singer has “confided with Blake and Gwen on a few occasions” about her relationship.

She’s also asked Gwen for “advice in how to deal with her relationship ups and downs,” but another source reveals that while Gwen is not on the NBC set, Blake raves about how “amazing” Miley is, particularly when she was an adviser on the show.

Gwen Stefani recently settled her divorce with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, with Gavin getting less than half of their shared fortune. Although Stefani and Rosdale did not have a prenuptial agreement, and Gavin was entitled to half her fortune, he did not push the issue. Gwen and her ex also agreed to share custody of their children.

Of course, there’s no reason to think that Blake will leave Gwen for another The Voice mentor, although he did first start hanging out with Stefani on the set. Meanwhile, the feud between Miley and Adam Levine has reached epic proportions, and the two can’t stop fighting on set. According to a Voice insider, since day one, Adam has been “nit-picking” Miley’s advice to contestants, and “were non-stop bickering during their last taping together.”

Gwen Stefani has also made headlines for winning a Hero Award, which will be presented to her at the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards on April 30. The awards are held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. Stefani will be honored at the award ceremony for having a positive impact on her young fans.

According to Broadway World, this year’s Radio Disney heroes like Gwen Stefani embody the idea of “Be Inspired,” which “represents the Company’s collective prosocial and community impact initiatives.” The award honors heroes like Gwen who “work to create a brighter tomorrow.” At the Radio Disney Music Awards ceremony, Jordan Smith, who won on The Voice in Season 9, will perform his single “Stand in the Light” from his debut album.

Gwen Stefani, whose latest album This Is What the Truth Feels Like entered the Billboard Top 200 chart at number one, is expected to be present to accept the award.

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