Laser-Cut Shoes, Panties, Purses, Dresses, Machines And Jewelry: 250,000 Instagram Photos Prove Laser-Cutting Buzz

Laser-cut creations are a growing style. Gabrielle Reece recently appeared on the Today show wearing a pair of laser-cut Nike shoes as she promoted her new show, Strong, as reported by the Inquisitr. Whereas a photo of those laser-cut high top black Nike shoes don’t appear on Reece’s Twitter page yet, as seen in Twitter photos below from the @GabbyReece account, perhaps they will show up before long. Reece reports via Twitter that they were not custom made, but the Nike laser-cut shoes can be purchased.

Kicks on Fire shows a different pair of laser-cut Nike shoes.

That’s because laser-cut items are growing in popularity, with everything from clothing items to jewelry to artwork popping up on social media under the laser-cut label.

A search for the term “laser-cut” on Instagram returns more than 200,000 photos of items tagged #lasercut on the social media sharing website.

Even big retailers are getting in on the laser-cut clothing trend. As reported by Refinery 29, Lululemon is using laser-cutting technology to make creations that aren’t sewn at all, and include laser-cut items in their clothing collection.

Although laser-cutting can create intricate and gorgeous clothing designs, as witnessed by the above dress from Ralph & Russo with laser-cut flowers, the more than 45,000 Instagram photos tagged #lasercutting prove that the laser-cut process is used for a plethora of creations. Some of those laser-cut creations include laser-cut business cards, keychains, earrings and beyond.

The suggestions offered by Amazon when typing the words “laser-cut” prove that even “laser-cut panties” are a popular search term. The edges of the laser-cut panties show that they are not sewn, but sheared by a laser that doesn’t necessitate the normal hem that sewing machines create.

On DSW’s website, a bunch of shoe options are returned when searching for laser-cut shoes.

Some of the laser-cut items that show up on Net-a-Porter are truly amazing, with laser-cut purses, belts, skirts, dresses and bikini tops and bikini bottoms showing off the laser-cutting trend in its most creative and gorgeous form. And perhaps its most expensive form, as well.

In Google Shopping, searches for laser-cut machine show that the machines can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $89,000 for some brands. Suggestions offered by Google when searching their shopping website for laser-cut options include laser-cut dresses, boots and invitations.

Plenty of people who make laser-cut creations turn to artistic outlets like Etsy to sell them, with one laser-cut card creator being featured on Shark Tank.

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As seen in the featured photo above, Emayatzy Corinealdi wore a laser-cut creation for the premiere of Miles Ahead. She was seen wearing her black, laser-cut top at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, which took place on Friday, January 22, in Park City, Utah.

With the discovery of so many items that can be laser-cut, from paper products to fabrics to metal items and beyond, the laser-cutting trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping as consumers take to the intricate designs.

The manner in which laser-cut designs are being incorporated into clothing is a blessing and a boon to those who don’t necessarily want to spend any or all of their time sewing. Laser-cutting clothes and other items opens up a new genre of design that provides an intricate level of detail that can incorporate technology to pull it off instead of the hand-drawn designs of the past.

As such, laser-cutting technology can cut down on the time needed to create such items. Whereas in the past, such detailed designs might have taken days, weeks, months, or even years to create, laser-cutting makes such designs possible in much less time in modern times.

[Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP]

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