Kendall Jenner Talks Favorite Junk Food And Best Disguises, Reveals Name’s Meaning

Don’t let her incredibly slender and fit frame fool you. Kendall Jenner does not shy away from ingesting the fifth food group — that being the “junk food” group. The successful model and reality star shared about her guilty pleasures while getting candid in an interview with People.

When asked about which she would choose as her go-to fat-filled snack, Jenner picked neither the pizza option nor the burger option. This model is a chocolate fan, as it appears. Jenner replied to the burning question eagerly.

As it turns out, a Twix bar is Kendall’s favorite junk food. She hasn’t held back on indulging of late, either. The star confessed that she enjoyed the delicious snack just the day before the interview.

The interview had a “One Last Thing” theme, which means that the star was given basic fun and frivolous questions to answer. What else was learned about Jenner via the fun interview? She shared that the last song she got stuck in her head was Rihanna’s “Work.” Then Kendall went on to outline a fun scenario involving a couple of her sisters.

When responding to a question about the last time Jenner couldn’t stop laughing, the beauty recounted a story involving her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. The threesome were attempting to go incognito in Hollywood, so they took on some creative disguises involving prosthetics and all. Jenner recalled the humorous event.

“We’ve always wanted to do that, dress up as someone and walk and not be noticed. It didn’t work – but it was so fun. Like, we were just laughing the whole time.”

Similarly to when her sister Kylie was in the hot seat, Kendall was not open to sharing who the last person was that the stunner texted. However, when it came to sharing who she last called, Kendall opened up and admitted the last person she talked to on her phone was her dad, Caitlyn Jenner.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is becoming known for their selfies and prominence on social media. When asked about the last time she was recognized in public, Kendall shared that it was while taking a selfie. Shocking! The star stated that she was in NYC recently and posed in front of a billboard that she was on to take a selfie when she was noticed.

“I was driving down Houston in SoHo and me and my agent were passing my billboard so we got out to take a photo. I think there was like one or two people that were like: ‘Wait, what?!'”

In an additional touching revelation via her social media account on the platform Snapchat, Kendall shared information about the origins of her name. Not her first name that continued the Jenner-Kardashian pattern in utilizing the “K” to begin her name, but her middle name. Jenner shares that her middle name is “Nicole” and that she is named after her mother’s best friend.

Kris Jenner was very close with Nicole Brown Simpson, whose murder was shocking and devastating. Kendall shared how honored she is to have been given the same middle name as a tribute to Nicole. The Mirror relays Kendall’s words.

“My middle name is after Nicole Brown Simpson because that was my mum’s best friend. And I’m honoured to have this name.”

As the publication reminds, Nicole Brown’s death happened just prior to Kendall’s birth and led to the trial of her husband OJ Simpson. The dramatic real-life events are now the subject of The People vs. OJ Simpson.

Kendall Jenner has achieved great success as a top model over the past two years, and her popularity for campaigns with top fashion houses continues to surge.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV]

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