‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie And Nathan’s Struggles Continue, Anna Confesses To Jordan, And Carly Questions Finn

General Hospital spoilers detail that there is plenty of drama on the way with Friday’s episode. Carly has found Dr. Finn passed out in his room, a needle by his side, and Anna is facing big questions back in Port Charles. There are secrets swirling throughout town, and these cause some emotional conversations and deep rifts during the April 15 show.

Anna and Sonny returned to Port Charles with Carlos in tow, but Paul was busy telling Jordan plenty of details regarding all that has happened while Anna was gone. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps share that Paul and Jordan will be talking about what will come next for Anna, and sneak peeks show that Anna will end up telling Jordan that she previously shot Carlos.


Of course, Anna is not the only one scrambling in Port Charles, as this all bubbles to the surface. Ava and Julian have been facing their fair share of complications related to the business and past misdeeds in recent months, and General Hospital spoilers note that they will be having a difficult chat during Friday’s episode. Ava will be asking Julian about who gave an order, and it sounds as if they will have more scrambling to do as Jordan starts officially piecing together the tidbits she has been given.

Kiki is making progress in her recovery, but she still has a long way to go. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be having a chat with Franco, and he will be telling her that she is the only child he needs to have.


Nina has been desperate to start a family with him, but he has been entirely resistant. While both Kiki and Franco now know that he is not truly her biological father, the two still have a close relationship. Many fans speculate that there may be a shake-up on the way yet regarding Kiki’s biological parents as buzz continues to swirl that it may still turn out that Nina is her biological mother rather than Ava.

Maxie and Nathan are still facing some struggles over the Claudette situation. He told her some of the background related to Claudette, but he hid additional details and Maxie is struggling with handling the betrayal and secrets that are now interfering in her relationship. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nina will be questioning Nathan about his decision to keep hiding things from Maxie while Maxie has a run-in with Griffin and makes a remark about men who are untruthful.

As for Finn, Soap Central details that Carly will be concerned about the doctor, and it sounds as if she will be pushing him to explain what has been happening that led to him being passed out next to a needle. Of course, it is highly unlikely that Finn will share anything of any consequence with Carly, but there are signs swirling that these two will be building a bit of a relationship going forward. Viewers will have to wait a bit to see just what is going on with this new doctor in town, but he definitely has many intrigued.

Will anybody end up heading to jail for what has happened with Carlos and Duke? Will Maxie and Nathan be able to overcome this Claudette challenge? General Hospital spoilers detail that there is plenty more to come on this front, and fans are anxious to see what comes next.

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