‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Faces Heated Questions, And Caroline Panics As Ridge Details The Threat To Their Secret

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Friday’s episode tease that things are about to get quite juicy. Ridge’s urologist is threatening to reveal the secret about Douglas’ paternity, and Katie has managed to gain this information from the doctor as well. Caroline is on the verge of panic, and everybody will be anxious to see where things head during the April 15 show.

According to We Love Soaps, the action related to Ridge and Caroline’s secret continues to be the prominent storyline during Friday’s episode. They have managed to keep it under wraps all this time that Ridge was unable to father another child, but this doctor is on the brink of revealing what has been carefully hidden for many months.

Some Bold and Beautiful fans are rolling their eyes a bit over how quickly the urologist opened up to Katie about what he knew, but it is obvious that he is anxious for a payday and willing to explore some shady ways of making it happen. She obviously finds this scoop to be juicy and intriguing, but what will she do with the information she has just scored?

While Katie is talking with the urologist at the restaurant, tossing back a drink during the conversation, Ridge and Caroline are discussing the situation at the office. Ridge thought that threatening the doctor to stay silent was enough to keep things under wraps. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Caroline will not be so sure. She will mention that maybe it is time to tell Thomas the truth about Douglas’ paternity. However, viewers can be sure that Ridge will be quite resistant to making this move.

Learning that Ridge has been hiding a big secret is only part of what lies ahead for Katie during Friday’s show. As Bold and Beautiful fans know, Bill and Brooke are in the midst of a big discovery at the house. She knew that her sister had stashed liquor around the house, and she did some digging. Once Brooke found some vodka, she set Bill up to find it.

Katie has been insistent that she is no longer drinking, even though Bill has questioned that many times. She begged Brooke to help keep her secret, and Brooke complied until she found more liquor, and it seems she has decided that she could not leave Bill in the dark any longer. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that a big confrontation about this is on the way, and both Bill and Brooke will be in the mix of this one.

As SheKnows Soaps details, Katie will soon be facing Bill and Brooke, and she will be scrambling as her drinking is brought up again. Things get heated and ugly between Katie and Bill, which seemingly leads to some lashing out toward Brooke. It sounds as if the younger Logan sister will continue to try to avoid being honest about how far she has spiraled out of control, and this likely is going to continue to be a problem for a bit.

Where are things headed during the week of April 18? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Liam will be proposing to Steffy again, and he will be heading back to work at Forrester Creations. Steffy and Wyatt admitted to one another that Liam needs to know the truth about what happened while Quinn had him stashed away, and it sounds as if this will play out during the coming week.

How does Liam react when he learns that Wyatt wooed Steffy and took his gig at Spencer Publications while he was gone? Viewers will have to stay tuned to see if Steffy reunites with Liam, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Liam will be determined to regain all that he lost to Wyatt while he was gone. Fans cannot wait to see where things head next as the drama continues.

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