Zayn Malik Responds To Inappropriate Tweet About Girlfriend Gigi Hadid And His Penis

Zayn Malik has always been known for being liberal when it comes to responding to his fans on Twitter, and he went at it again on Thursday night. This time, the tweet he responded to was something one can describe as rude and inappropriate. For one, it’s a tweet that involves his girlfriend Gigi Hadid and his penis, according to the Mirror.

The tweet came with a short clip of Gigi Hadid smiling and pointing at herself. “Guess who gets to play with Zayn’s d**k,” the caption went.

The user who made the tweet didn’t directly tag Zayn and Gigi, which can only mean that he or she didn’t mean for it to be read by the former One Direction singer. Of course, a simple Twitter search can easily bring the tweet to Zayn’s attention.

For his part, Malik took the tweet in good humor, replying to it with a set of laughing emojis.

Shortly after Malik tweeted his response, his fans joined the fray, bombarding the singer with their own funny memes to get his attention.

As expected, a lot of Zayn Malik’s followers weren’t happy with his reaction to the tweet, with some of them urging him to delete it. It’s a good advice too, given how Gigi might find the tweet disrespectful and unfunny on account of its objectifying nature. Malik, however, didn’t pay the advice any heed and allowed the tweet to stay.

Later, Zayn retweeted the tweet of a fan who wrote, “I am so thankful for your parents not wearing a condom.”

“Me too babe, me too,” Malik wrote back.

Zayn Malik and Gigi have been dating since November last year, with Zayn confirming the relationship with an Instagram post in late December. The pair met for the first time at Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday celebration in August, although Hadid was dating Joe Jonas at the time.

Malik and Hadid recently posed together for a Vogue photo shoot, where they were seen piling on the PDA. In one of the romantic photos, Zayn and Gigi are seen getting intimate with each other on a rooftop of a hotel. In another, Zayn is seen riding a motorcycle with Gigi sitting right behind him with her arms wrapped around the former 1D member.

The couple were initially tight-lipped about the details of their relationship, but they have recently become more vocal about their affection for each other.

Just last month, Malik tweeted a photo of Gigi wearing a revealing dress, writing the caption, “Saw your face and got inspired.”

In an interview with Glamour, Malik said that he tries to draw a line between his relationship with Gigi and the spotlight that comes with being famous.

“I try to keep the two very separate. I try to, as much as I can. But there’s only so much you can do.”

Opening up about his and Gigi Hadid’s racy performance in the “Pillow Talk” music video, Zayn said that they weren’t trying to put on a show.

“We were just messing around,” he said. “It wasn’t even, like, part of the shoot. You know when they say, ‘action?’ They didn’t do that. It was just rolling.”

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