‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Brothers Reveal Details Of Epic Prank On Sedated Sister

The “zombie apocalypse” brothers, as they have come to be known, have revealed the details of their hilarious prank, which went viral on April 11. Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday 13, the zombie apocalypse brothers, Cabot and Barrett Phillips, entertained the audience with the backstory to the zombie prank which many are calling the “prank of the century,” SF Gate reported.

For those that missed out, the apocalypse prank was orchestrated by the two brothers and involved them convincing their 17-year-old sister, Millicent, that a zombie apocalypse was happening. This was possible because she had just had her wisdom tooth removed and was still feeling the effects from being sedated.

The brothers clearly put a lot of effort into the brilliant prank, seeing them prepare a fake radio clip which warns of a zombie apocalypse, obtain a host of garden utensils to use as weapons against the zombies (which Millicent deems useless), and they even got their mom to play along in the slightly cruel yet hilarious prank.

All filmed through the dashboard camera, the brothers even make their panicked sister choose between their pet dog and cat to take along with them as they prepare to flee to Mexico. She emphatically chooses the cat.

“The cat, you idiot! He’s [the dog] the worst, he’s already dying. Leave him, get the cat.”

The zombie apocalypse video, which has been viewed over 15 million times already, can be seen via the Inquisitr.

Speaking to Ellen Degeneres, Cabot explained the reason why they carried out the zombie apocalypse prank on their younger sister via Us Magazine.

“We’ve known for a few weeks now that she was getting the teeth out. And she’s such a funny, expressive young woman. We’re like, ‘She would do something that’s just gold for the family to watch for years to come.’ And everybody does the normal wisdom teeth videos, and we were like, ‘What could make it better?’ And we were like, ‘Zombies.'”


Today reported that the zombie apocalypse brothers are huge fans of AMC’s hugely popular zombie horror series The Walking Dead, but their sister refuses to watch the show as she has a phobia of zombies. Therefore, a prank involving a zombie apocalypse seemed to be the perfect setup to get such a hilarious reaction from their sister who was clearly still reeling from being sedated.

Millicent, who also appeared on the show, revealed to Ellen that she suspected her brothers might be up to something but never thought that it would be something as extreme as a zombie apocalypse.

“I thought they were gonna maybe make me like say something silly. I didn’t realize they were going to convince me that my world was falling apart.”

She also explained how she has been catching a lot of heat from dog lovers for selecting the family cat over their pet dog.

“I’ve been getting a lot of hatred about this from the dog people, naturally. [Our dog] bites, he’s tiny, and he’s like 10 years old. He’s kind of just like a grumpy old man at this point… He’s never returned the love I’ve given to him. It’s so hurtful.”

Although initially reluctant to have the apocalypse prank video uploaded online, Millicent claimed that she thought it would be worth a shot if she got to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. For being such a great sport, Ellen presented Millicent with a T-shirt with her brilliant “The cat, you idiot!” quote printed on it. She also handed over a selection of toys for both the dog and the cat, plus a vacation for the Phillips family to the very place that they were set to flee from the zombie apocalypse — Mexico.

[Image via SyFy]

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