‘NCIS’ Season 13 Finale Spoilers: Tony DiNozzo Will Put Family First

For months, NCIS fans have known that Michael Weatherly will leave the show at the end of the year. The big question has been how. According to the recent Season 13 spoilers, he will put family first in his swan song.

The NCIS Season 13 finale will air on May 17 on CBS. The synopsis makes it clear that the episode called Family First, will focus around a manhunt for a British spy who is killing current and former federal agents. It will be DiNozzo’s biggest case yet, and it is still unclear whether he will walk away from the team or whether he will take a bullet for it.

TV Line confirms that Sarah Clarke from 24 will play an FBI agent, and Duane Henry will step in the role as an MI-6 agent, as all teams work together to take down the British spy. The two actors may become series regulars in the fall as NCIS Season 14 airs. According to showrunner Gary Glasberg, the aim is to create something that everybody is “satisfied” with seeing, and that means a lot of planning. It is not a simple process to write out an original cast member. Weatherly has been part of the show since day one.

Just last week, DiNozzo realized that his life in NCIS is boring and never changing. After his identity was stolen, the thieves pointed out that he really has nothing to show for his life. There is no wife, no children, and he is still stuck in the same job and apartment he was in 13 years ago (or presumably longer). It has given Tony the chance to really think about his life, and it could mean that his departure is for him to search for something new.

Allyson Koerner from She Knows hopes that NCIS Season 13 does not end with DiNozzo’s death. Instead, she believes that Tony never married because the “right one” has always been Ziva. She wants to see Tony ride off into the sunset with his former partner, and many other NCIS fans agree with her. If he is going to choose family — and not his NCIS family — it should be Ziva David.

Others have debated whether he will choose to leave NCIS for his own team. It has always been offered to him, and now seems like the right time for him to take that offer. He could set up his own team in Italy and have Ziva join him. Others have suggested that Ziva will show up with a child that is Tony’s, and it is that family he decides to choose.

The idea of him putting family first could mean anything. He does have his own family: his dad, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. However, he has always viewed his NCIS team as his family and would do anything for this. This is where the idea of his death has come in. He could choose to take a bullet for one of the team, whether it is his father figure Gibbs, his friend McGee or the loveable Abby. It could also mean he is going to be selfish and put himself first for the first time in a long time.

The NCIS Season 13 finale is still some way away. There will likely be clues in the run up to the finale on May 17, showing hints that DiNozzo is thinking about walking away after last week’s episode. Until then, fans will get to see him in full action and get the biggest NCIS storyline he has had since joining.

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