Kirstie Alley Back On The Weight Loss Roller Coaster With New Jenny Craig Commercials

Kirstie Alley’s efforts to pursue a weight loss program have been an inspiration for many people. Despite the negativity in the media, Kirstie Alley has risen above the challenges and has shown almost superhuman positivity throughout her 10-year journey towards her goal of achieving a healthy weight. Recently, Kirstie Alley stunned fans when she revealed that she lost 50 pounds after resuming her journey to maintain a healthy physique. Kirstie Alley had gone through a roller coaster ride earlier when she had pursued Jenny Craig’s weight loss program enthusiastically only to find that she had regained weight after she quit the program.

Kirstie Alley had been a spokesperson for Jenny Craig for a number of years. Fox Business reported that Kirstie Alley had also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about her weight loss efforts.

In fact, she went to the extent of appearing in a bikini on the show to flaunt the slimmed-down figure that she had achieved with the help of Jenny Craig.

Kirstie Alley was embarrassed when she put on weight after quitting the program, and she was reluctant to rejoin. And to add to her worries, there were false stories published in the media about her weight. One such story claimed that Kirstie Alley consumed as much as 200 pounds of chocolate every month and that she owned a train that brought the chocolate from Europe. However, Kirstie Alley was never let down by criticism and her inner voice and strength motivated her to get back on track and make continued efforts to slim down.

According to AOL, Kirstie Alley had the choice of either staying overweight forever or making a continued and dedicated effort to keep herself fit and slim.

She obviously chose the latter option and decided to take up the slimming challenge once again, despite her previous roller coaster ride.

Today, despite the rigors involved, Kirstie Alley seems happy to have embarked on the mission to stay fit once again.

Apart from being the face of the Jenny Craig weight loss program, Kirstie Alley has also established her own company named Organic Liaison which manufactures three health-related products that are available for sale at Jenny Craig’s exclusive outlets.

Kirstie Alley launched her new campaign with an incredible commercial which was filmed on a set that was an exact replica of the set of her old sitcom Cheers. Kirstie Alley also teamed up with her former Cheers co-stars John Ratzenberger and George Wendt for the advertisement. The marketing campaign combined Kirstie Alley’s fictional Cheers family with her Jenny Craig one.

Kirstie Alley also got to reunite with the consultants of Jenny Craig who were specially assigned to guide and coach her throughout her weight loss journey. The consultants help modify unwanted behavior which may pose as roadblocks to the person’s goal of achieving a fit and healthy physique. According to Kirstie Alley, the true differentiator of the Jenny Craig program is that it combines personalized support with delicious foods throughout the course of the program. And it seems that this is the one key factor which will encourage the Look Who’s Talking actress to stick to the program because she confesses that she really loves their food. Further, People reports that Kirstie Alley is delighted by the fact that the program allows her to still enjoy indulgent foods that are usually avoided by the people who are struggling to lose weight.

For their part, representatives from Jenny Craig say that they have made sure that Kirstie Alley can still enjoy her favorite foods — chicken fettuccine and chocolate lava cake — while on their program.

The question still remains: if the Jenny Craig program is so successful and accessible, allowing people to lose weight while still enjoying their favorite foods, why has Kirstie Alley been so unsuccessful in the past? If the program works, why does she need to start all over again?

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