Doctor Strange Vs Loki? Tom Hiddleston Wants To Fight Benedict Cumberbatch In A Marvel Film

Comic book movie fans just had Batman V Superman, but now Tom Hiddleston has started lobbying for his beloved Marvel villain Loki to go up against Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange in a future film.

Tom Hiddleston made this plea to the studio while speaking to the New York Daily News, admitting that he’d love the opportunity to share the big-screen with his English chum, especially since he was just as wowed by everyone else with the first look at Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange following the release of the blockbuster’s trailer.

“In some hypothetical world, I don’t quite know when, for Loki and Doctor Strange to share the same frame would be very exciting indeed,” Tom Hiddleston insisted. “Because Benedict Cumberbatch is an old friend. So I would think it would be interesting to see who would get the upper hand.”

Tom Hiddleston and his Oscar-nominated friend have actually shared the big-screen before. Both Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch starred in Steven Spielberg’s 2011 war-time epic War Horse, where they both joked and laughed at each other as they struggled during horseback riding training.

When could moviegoers actually see Tom Hiddleston against Benedict Cumberbatch in a Marvel film, though? Well, it depends on how many more Marvel films Tom Hiddleston is contracted to make. And Hiddleston has revealed he knows the exact number he is obliged to star in, but he’s not going to say. Instead, he’s teasing fans, and wants them to be left in the dark.

“Truthfully, I do actually know at the moment how many more times I’m going to play Loki, but I’m not going to tell you,” Hiddleston teased. “It’s not personal it’s just keeping it fresh for all paying customers to enjoy their films. And also I’m the God of mischief so it’s my predisposition to play games.”

All that fans know at the moment is that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will appear in Thor: Ragnarok, which is due out in 2017. But, if his villain can survive the film then there is every chance that he will appear in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 or Part 2.

And since Benedict Cumberbatch is making his debut as Doctor Strange in this November’s origin story for the character, there’s also hope that the Sorcerer Supreme will appear in one or both of these blockbusters, too.

Obviously, this is still very much up in the air, but the announcement earlier this year from the films’ directors Anthony and Joe Russo that at least 68 Marvel characters will appear in Infinity War means that there’s apparently plenty room on the roster for the pair.

But there’s one other Marvel superhero that Tom Hiddleston wants to star opposite: Daredevil. Once again, Tom Hiddleston only wants to do so because he is close friends with Charlie Cox, who has played Hell’s Kitchen’s most famous superhero over the show’s first two seasons.

Speaking about their friendship, Tom Hiddleston admitted, “We met in Los Angeles when we were both young actors and our respective agents, without knowing it, would put us up for the same parts.”

“Neither of us would book any of these jobs needles to say. And after a run of kind of failing auditions together, it must have been the sixth or seventh audition where I said, ‘Hey Charlie, should we go for lunch.’ We’d get up at dawn and run or hike in canyons because they were there.”

Needless to say, Tom Hiddleston now wants Marvel CEO Kevin Feige to greenlight a scene that involves Doctor Strange, Daredevil and Loki. Something that Hiddleston insists “would be a fun day at the office,” before he admits, “[w]e would probably just be comparing costumes.”

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