George Clooney Getting Plastic Surgery? Guest Of Honor At VIP Event In Support Of Clinton

George Clooney and his barrister wife, Amal Clooney, seem to land themselves in the spotlight quite a bit. Usually the reasons for being headline news revolve around their contributions to the fight for human rights and aiding as well as advocating for the refugee crisis. However, the rumor mill is ever-churning about the couple as well.

Recently, pregnancy rumors have circulated about the couple as well as adoption rumors. The latest rumor is focused on George and his neck. It’s been reported that the star is not entirely happy with his appearance, mainly his “turkey neck,” and this insecurity has reportedly led Clooney to opt for a certain plastic surgery that will get rid of the loose skin.

It was, however, an unreliable tabloid which sparked this rumor, which initially alerts to the fact that there is likely no truth to this rumor. The initial source spouted claims about Clooney’s discontentment with his appearance and Amal’s response to the star’s absurdity.

“Amal reassured George that he’s a ridiculously handsome man and insisted he must quit complaining. She doesn’t believe hubby needs any crazy nips or tucks, permanent or temporary, and told him to flat-out FUHGEDDABOUDIT!”

The story has, of course, been debunked by the celebrity gossip policing site, Gossip Cop, who shared the truth behind the ridiculous claims.

“George Clooney does NOT want plastic surgery on his supposed ‘turkey neck,’ despite a fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it’s ‘nonsense.'”

The publication goes on to share that they have debunked a number of false claims that have recently surfaced due to their false allegations. One such story involved a “mystery blonde,” whom Clooney was reportedly seen spending time with. The story was equally as ludicrous as the plastic surgery tale. Gossip Cop additionally relays how they were on the defensive for the star when the unreliable tabloid accused Clooney of a “gay love affair.”

“Gossip Cop also recently debunked the tabloid’s outrageous cover story falsely alleging Clooney had been caught in a gay affair, and was headed for a $220 million divorce. Much like the publication’s previous claims, we’re told the latest ‘turkey neck’ report is simply ‘nonsense.'”

In accurate George and Amal Clooney news, the world has recently learned that the pair are planning to attend a VIP fundraiser event in support of Hillary Clinton. The reports of Amal and George’s intentions have sparked controversy.

The host of the fundraiser, Shervin Pishever, known as a big time investor in Uber has shared that he welcomes the protests that are brewing in response to the event at which seats cost upwards of $30,000. The Guardian shares the host’s words.

“Only in America would an Iranian-born immigrant son of a taxi driver and maid trying to help elect our first woman president be protested at his home. I welcome nonviolent protests as an exercise of our great democracy. “Hillary is one of the most qualified presidential candidates in American history. Our nation will be in good hands under a president Hillary Rodham Clinton administration.”

The lavish event is to be held at the investor’s home who is responsible for co-founding Hyperloop, which is a “conceptual high-speed transportation system that involves tubes and pressurized capsules.” The event is to encourage Silicon Valley to back the previous secretary of state. As noted, the tickets start at $33,400 and go up to a jaw-dropping $353,400 to sit at a roundtable with the Clooneys and Clinton.

Interestingly enough, the soon-to-be host to Clooney and Clinton was previously the subject of a crack down by the democratic front-runner in relation to his ties to Uber.

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