NFL Rumors: Johnny Manziel Dumped By New Agent

NFL rumors are swirling around Johnny Manziel. He was recently signed by super agent Drew Rosenhaus. According to, that business relationship has already been terminated. Rosenhaus is refusing to work with the former Cleveland Browns quarterback until he seeks help in his personal life. This is another sign that Manziel will no longer have a place in the National Football League. It is also a sign that his issues off the field are likely much bigger than some may have initially thought they were.

Drew Rosenhaus stated that the issues with Johnny Manziel were no longer just about football. The well known NFL agent stated that it was now about life and death. He said that Manziel needs to fix things if he wants to avoid dying young. Many are aware that the former Texas A&M Aggies star has issues with alcohol. However, they may not have been aware that it is bad enough to where he might die soon.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller
Von Miller [Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]
While it seems highly unlikely, Drew Rosenhaus has stated that he has not necessarily shut the door on doing business with Johnny Manziel. He stated that if the 23-year-old quarterback were to seek help within the next week, then he would reconsider terminating the contract between the two sides. Since Manziel seemingly refuses to believe that he has a problem, that is highly unlikely to happen. Johnny will need to see if there’s another agent that will take the risk of signing him.

It might be extremely difficult for Johnny Manziel to find a new agent, especially after someone as respected as Drew Rosenhaus drops him less than a month into the contract. Agents know that the NFL gives out a black mark if a player does something stupid under their watch, even if it is not their fault. No one wants that because it hurts their chances of signing other players in the National Football League.

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus
Drew Rosenhaus [Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]
Johnny Manziel recently made headlines after an interview with TMZ. During that segment, he informed the world that he was living with Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller. That turned out to be a lie. Miller was quick to absolve himself from that situation by telling his fans on social media that it was not true. Manziel himself went online and confirmed that he had lied about his living situation.

There are also reports floating out there about Johnny Manziel living with Josh Gordon, another player that seems to be trying to destroy any chance he has of staying with the NFL. The Cleveland Browns wide receiver is one of the more talented athletes around, but he is having trouble being reinstated by the National Football League because of his alleged addiction to marijuana.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon
Josh Gordon [Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images]
Being one that believes that words speak louder than action, Johnny Manziel continues to tell football fans that his top priority in life is the NFL. Very few are gullible enough to believe that. Manziel is not showing the type of desire and passion that we’ve seen from Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. It appears that everything else in life is more of a priority for Manziel. This is the same guy whose family members believe that he will not live past the age of 24.

Johnny Manziel is going to continue to generate revenue for sports and tabloid websites. The guy simply cannot figure out life. It’s pretty bad when Ryan Leaf, another person that famously ruined his chances at being a star in the NFL, calls you out for making bad choices. Hopefully for Manziel and his family, this story does not have a tragic ending.

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