Please keep sharing your crap on Facebook – it may save our email inboxes

I think everyone probably has some favorite relative; or so we keep telling ourselves they are, who no matter how nicely you try and tell them to quit it keep on sending you all kinds of crap via email. So not only to we have to struggle with a constant flow of spam, notifications coming out of the wazoo but we have to deal with Uncle Joe Bob and Aunt Bobbie Jo’s recycling of the same stupid links you got from other people 10 to a 100 times last week.

However we could actually see a rise in email usefulness thanks to – you guessed it – Facebook. It seems that social sites like Facebook are seeing a rapid rise in the sharing of links. Yes apparently social sites are seeing an increase to around the 66.8% mark of users sharing links which is surpassing email’s 65.1%. Granted it might not seem like a lot of difference but common we gotta take the good news where we can find it and anything that reduces the load of crap hitting our inboxes should be celebrated with a block party – on Facebook of course.

As Jason Meserve over at Technologizer says

Rather than in-boxes cluttered with “Me too” and “That’s great!” replies from a litany of people you may not know, social networks are serving as the catchall for everyone’s need to chime in and giving hope to those that desire to “zero” their inboxes.

All hail ‘zero’ inboxes with many thanks to Facebook so please keep up the good work people. The Web thanks you.

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