Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Divorce: Who Gets The Kids?

The divorce of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale has come a little closer to finalization. Already eight months since Stefani and Rossdale filed their separation, and announced the split publicly, People magazine reports that things seem to be finally moving along. On April 11, Gwen and Gavin announced that they had come to an agreement on a settlement and it’s a shocking story as to how they got this far in the proceedings.

Things were looking grim for the divorce proceedings for Gwen and Gavin, as it has been eight months since they split, and the ex-couple are only just now making headway. Looks like Gwen’s new beau, 39-year-old Blake Shelton, is going to have to wait it out for a little longer before he makes any big moves.

Blake and Gwen have been together for awhile now, but the lengthy process of divorce has been a huge obstacle in the way of the star moving forward with her life. Rossdale and Stefani have finally come to an agreement in the divorce, and have made what appears to be an agreeable settlement. According to Hollywood Life, it looks like the split might become legal and official in only a matter of weeks.

Gwen and Gavin were married to each other for a whopping 13 years, but it looks like that was a non-factor in deciding whether they would stay together or not. Clearly, neither of them planned to ever get divorced when they first got married, as the ex-power couple didn’t even have a prenup. No prenup should have made things easy for the two in their split, because California law is simple and to the point on the subject. No prenup means a flat 50/50, right down the middle split.

The issue with this is, of course, Stefani’s vast fortunes and earnings, compared to Rossdale’s relatively meager finances over their 13 year marriage. Since Gwen did the majority of the earning over the course of her married life, it looks like she wants to force the issue and keep the majority of the couple’s assets. Fair enough, but Gavin isn’t about to let a little over a dozen years of commitment and support go completely unrewarded. Rossdale is out for a bigger share of the wealth than Stefani seems willing to part with, and it looks like he’s been gunning for a 50/50 split.

However, since the proceedings have been taking so long, it looks like Gavin is lowering his expectations a little. He’s reportedly agreed to take less than 50 percent and, TMZ reports, that includes property as well. This might be a sign that Gwen and Gavin are coming to an understanding after the initial dust of the split has settled, but it could also mean that Rossdale is just getting tired of fighting for something he might not get.

Money is one thing, but family is an entirely different matter. Stefani and Rossdale seem to have at least tried to put their feelings aside and keep their emotions in check when it comes to their three children. Divorce can be super messy, but it can get the messiest when kids are involved. However, it appears that the two are putting their kids first. Gwen and Gavin have reportedly agreed to total 50/50 joint custody of their three sons, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo.

The couple have even agreed that Gavin will have the kids for a little more than the agreed upon time, thanks to Gwen’s big new schedule being jam packed with touring and appearances. Stefani just released a new albums, This is What the Truth Feels Like, and fans are clamoring to get a hold of her album and live performances. Stefani’s album is all about both the break with Rossdale, and Gwen’s new all-American, true-love style romance with country star Blake Shelton.

On another happy note, or at least a sign that Rossdale and Stefani are handling their break-up maturely, Gavin has reportedly not demanded child support. Rossdale is legally entitled to child support payments from Stefani, considering the huge financial gap between the two artists, but he’s neglected to even bring the issue up. It looks like allegations of Gavin cheating on Gwen with their household nanny, Mindy Mann, may have some truth to them. Gavin might be feeling a little guilty. On the other hand, it could simply be a sign that the two are trying to make as clean a break as possible.

Now, all that is left to do is officially finish this divorce with documentation, and the two are off to their own lives. This is a big moment for Gwen, whose current man, Blake, just divorced his own ex-wife in July. Perhaps Gwen and Blake are a better match for each other than with their exes. Fans can always hope, and continue hoping that signs to a clean break and amiable divorce are real.

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