Ice Cube Thinks Trump Is What America Wants: Watch N.W.A. Rapper Talk Politics, Rock And Roll, And ‘Barbershop 3’

N.W.A. rapper Ice Cube says that GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, is what America wants. Cube claims that Trump’s success embodies “the American dream,” which Americans aspire to achieve.

Ice Cube’s Trump comments come during a sit-down with Bloomberg Politics, reported by New York Daily News. Ice Cube commented on his recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, politics, and the third installment of his Barbershop franchise hitting theaters tomorrow.

Ice Cube said that despite Trump’s rhetoric based on “making America great again,” the former Apprentice host, belonging to the 1 percent of extremely wealthy Americans, will do little to help financially struggling Americans.

“Donald Trump is what Americans love. Donald Trump is what Americans aspire to be: rich, powerful, do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say, be how you wanna be. That’s kind of been like the American dream. He looks like a boss to everybody, and Americans love to have a boss.”

Ice Cube added that although Trump is what Americans want, he cannot relate to average Americans struggle due to being a billionaire his entire life.

“Do I think he’s going to do anything to help poor people or people that’s struggling? No, he’s a rich white guy. How can he relate?… Being rich don’t make you bad, I ain’t saying that, but I’m just saying, how can he relate?”

Donald Trump recently commented on his American humble beginnings. Trump claims that he only started out with “a small loan of one million dollars” from his father to begin his real estate career.

Ice Cube also commented on Hillary Clinton’s “super predator” remarks after his comments on Trump’s “American Dream” theory.

The Inquisitr reported when former U.S. Secretary of State addressed repeat offenders in 1996, Clinton’s subtext strongly indicated that “super predators” was being used as an umbrella term for young black offenders of violent crime.

As such, she added that law enforcement “must bring them to heel” as dogs before a dialogue can be started.

Ice Cube stated that too often, Democrats get a pass on such issues like race, and the finger gets often gets pointed back at Republicans like Trump.

“To call your own citizens ‘super-predators’ is pretty harsh and a pretty big indictment. It’s just like the term ‘thug’ or ‘hoodlum,'” Ice Cube said.

“It’s just an easy brush to paint somebody with, and it’s really not solving the problem, it’s just making it worse.”

Ice Cube also gave his opinions on Barack Obama. When asked whether Obama’s administration was a failure or success Cube responded in kind.


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“He’s like a black kid who went to an all white school — they won’t play with him.”

Cube’s analogy was a jab at congress’ unwillingness to cooperate with Obama throughout his career as the President of The United States of America.

Ice Cube claims that if not for Congress’s uncooperative nature, then Obama would have been able to do great things for America.

Ice Cube commented on Trump’s birther movement against Obama as well. Many have labeled Trump racist for continually perpetuating the narrative that Obama was born in Africa, but Ice Cube noted that even then, he was able to assess that Trump was a guy who doesn’t want to admit he was wrong.

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