Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Are Back In Touch, But Are They Back Together?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber just can’t seem to put their romance to rest.

According to a new report, Selena Gomez is currently in touch with her ex-boyfriend, and possibly on the verge of a reconciliation.

“Justin and [Selena Gomez] are talking over text but it is a little strained between the two right now,” a source told Hollywood Life on April 13.

The source went on to reveal that although things between Selena Gomez and her former boyfriend aren’t great right now, their history of back and forth behavior is a telling sign that their relationship could soon change.

“As much as it isn’t getting romantic right now, things change every second with these two that by the weekend if Justin is lonely, he will probably start putting on the charm to get [Selena Gomez] interested again,” the source explained.

Starting today, April 14, Bieber is embarking on a six day break from his Purpose World Tour, which could lead him to contact Selena Gomez if he returns to Los Angeles.

“Just another day between these two, they can’t stand each other and they can’t stand being without each other,” the source added.

In March, Selena Gomez’s relationship with Bieber began making headlines after the 22-year-old posted a photo of himself and Gomez kissing on his Instagram page, along with the caption, “Feels.” In response to the post, Gomez liked the photo, and days later, Bieber liked one of her photos. Around the same time, Bieber was said to be planning an elaborate surprise for Selena Gomez to win her back.

According to a report, Bieber was planning to woo Selena Gomez after the concert she attended of his in Los Angeles weeks ago.

“Justin wanted to rent out the Staples Center after his concert to do a repeat date night screening of Titanic for [Selena Gomez] because he is trying to get back with her,” an insider told E! News at the end of last month. However, Bieber ended up “calling it off.”

“I don’t know why he didn’t go through with it, and I also don’t know if he ever even told [Selena Gomez] about his plan, but I do know he is really obviously trying to date her again,” the source explained. “He wanted to do something big and extravagant for her like this and had been making arrangements for the movie date before his concert even started.”

According to another insider, Bieber wasn’t in a great mood on the day of what was supposed to be Selena Gomez’s big surprise. As the insider explained, Bieber cancelled a meet and greet for fans that they paid $2,000 for, and during his show, he hinted that he wasn’t happy to be there. He even quit singing at one point and left the concert 20 minutes early with Selena Gomez in tow.

As for what happened to Bieber that led him to cancel his plan?

“The speculation is that an argument had taken place between the two before the show since he cancelled the date plans. Something had shifted Bieber’s mood completely.”

Still, an eyewitness claimed Bieber and Selena Gomez looked happy together in his dressing room at the show.

“[Selena Gomez and Justin] looked genuinely comfortable together,” an onlooker revealed to E! News. “They both looked really happy.”

For more of the latest details on Selena Gomez and Bieber’s up and down romance, check out the Hollywood Life clip below.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]