Facebook Opens ‘Instant Articles’ To Writers After 50 Published Articles — Explains How To Publish And Get Paid

Previously, Facebook announced that the social media giant would open their Instant Articles program to additional writers and publishers beyond the initial set of publishers given access to the service, as reported by the Inquisitr. During the recent F8 Facebook conference for developers, Mark Zuckerberg not only took on Donald Trump’s idea of building a huge wall, but Mark also announced the concept of Instant Articles and gave a preview of how the Facebook feature worked, which reportedly made life easier for mobile readers of news.

Digging into the details of Facebook’s Instant Articles feature provides more in-depth explanations of how the program can be created by writers and publishers and how to run ads against those Instant Articles, according to Facebook’s rules.

As reported by Facebook in their Initial Setup instructions, there are three main steps that publishers need to undergo to start publishing Instant Articles, and Facebook has a Quickstart Guide that provides more details. The three main steps of getting started with Instant Articles, according to Facebook, include formatting articles according to their rules and making money off of them by using Facebook’s Audience Network.

Facebook also explains that writers and publishers must have a minimum of 50 articles in their library prior to submitting articles for review for the Instant Articles process and publication. Only after being approved by Facebook will publishers be able to publish their Instant Articles, according to the following instructions provided by Facebook.

Step 1: Set Up Instant Articles

Here’s how to start creating articles and get ready for review.

  • Add Your Team: Give your design and development team a role on [your] page so they can access these tools.
  • Get the Pages Manager App: Preview your articles and styles on iOS or Android.
  • Claim your URL: Authorize your site by claiming a URL.
  • Create Style Templates: Customize the look and feel of your articles with the Style Editor.
  • Create Articles: Format articles and send them via RSS or API.
  • Explore Audience Network: Monetize your articles with Facebook’s Audience Network.
  • Get Email Notifications: Sign up to stay on top of product updates and important alerts.

Step 2: Submit For Review

The Instant Articles team will review a sample batch of your Instant Articles before you can begin to publish. Make sure you format your articles properly and avoid common errors before submission. Learn more about the article review process.

  • Create 50 Articles: You must have at least 50 articles in your library before submitting for review.
  • Submit for Review: Our team will review your articles and provide feedback within 24-48 hours.
  • Resubmit, If Needed: Resolve any feedback on design or policy violations.

Step 3: Start Publishing


You must be approved before you can start publishing Instant Articles. Please submit a sample group of articles in Step 2.

More information on Facebook’s Instant Articles page can be found therein, with the monetization features being listed on the Facebook page titled Instant Articles Ads and Analytics. Via that page, Facebook explains that they created the Instant Articles program with the focus in mind to make it possible for publishers to earn money from their words.

As such, Facebook is allowing publishers to list their own ads within Instant Articles and to keep 100 percent of the revenue that those ads generate. Facebook explains that the monetization feature accompanies ads through Facebook’s Audience Network.

Instant Articles is open to publishers of all sizes, reports Facebook. The social networking site provides a myriad of details that get pretty technical when describing how publishers can engage with their Instant Articles readers and their overall audience. Tracking via Google Analytics is also available to track article traffic.

Facebook ‘Instant Articles’ — Writers To Get Paid By Facebook About 70 Percent Of Ad Revenue

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