‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Makes A Big Move, Anna Faces Major Trouble, And Dr. Finn Sparks Significant Questions

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show tease that there is quite a bit of action on the way related to ELQ, Tracy, Nikolas, and those tied to this situation. Sonny, Carlos, and Anna are headed back to Port Charles and there are plenty of twists and turns on the way in this April 14 episode.

As viewers saw on Wednesday’s episode, Anna arrested Carlos and she barely avoided arrest herself. They are heading back to Port Charles where Anna is insistent that Carlos will pay for killing Duke. She will soon learn that she is headed back to a bit of a mess, as Paul has been telling Jordan quite a bit about all that has been happening and there may be significant consequences for Anna as this plays out.


Carly will be thrilled to see Sonny return safe and sound and General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central share that Michael will learn more about Sabrina’s situation from Sonny. Will Michael soon be able to reunite with his ex-fiancee and the baby? Actress Teresa Castillo’s maternity leave should be about over and viewers are anxious to see where things head next with Michael, Sabrina, and the baby.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Jason and Sam will discuss taking a big next step. She will warn Jason that once they make this move there is no turning back, and Jason looks a bit torn. What is this regarding? In all likelihood, this is referencing the deal they forced Nikolas to take regarding ELQ. GH spoilers, via We Love Soaps, indicate that Jason will be talking with the Quartermaine family in this episode about the company, seemingly Tracy specifically, and it sounds like they will be doing plenty of rejoicing soon as a result.

Tracy is making some moderate progress in her recovery and GH spoilers share that Monica will be anxious to find a way to keep Dr. Finn on the staff permanently. He has been key in Tracy’s recovery and it seems that Monica will see him as an asset to the regular team. However, as viewers know, Dr. Finn is hiding some intriguing secrets. He is shooting up with something, and apparently Carly may find him during this episode looking quite rough.

Tracy receives a visitor who gets her fairly worked up during this next show, likely Jason sharing the ELQ news, and it looks like Lulu will be catching up with her brother, Nikolas. Dante comes across the two of them and GH spoilers note that he will have plenty of questions. Nikolas is looking pretty rough these days after his latest altercation with Jason, and Dante may be questioning what has been happening.

Viewers will see Laura digging deeper to figure out the mystery Helena unleashed on her, and General Hospital spoilers detail that things head in an unexpected direction. Teasers share that a new romance may be developing soon between this Spencer gal and a familiar face: Dr. Kevin Collins. However, fans will have to wait and see just how this all comes about.

As the week wraps up, GH spoilers share that Anna will be facing the repercussions of all that has transpired in recent months. Will she end up behind bars before this is all said and done? Viewers have a hunch that she will manage to spin things to her advantage in some way, but she certainly faces a big challenge with Paul working against her. The buzz is that Anna may be facing jail and a trial, at least for what she just did to Paul, but fans shouldn’t underestimate her chances of staying free just yet.

What comes next for Tracy, Jason, and the rest of the Quartermaine family now that ELQ has been snatched back from Nikolas? Where do things head from here when it comes to Nikolas and Hayden given all that has transpired between them? There is plenty more drama on the way and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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