Adam Lind In Danger Of Losing His Daughters, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Puts Girls Into Contact With Registered Sex Offender

Adam Lind is one of the most controversial dads in the Teen Mom franchise. Fans met him on 16 & Pregnant when he joined alongside then-girlfriend Chelsea Houska. The couple welcomed a daughter, Aubree. Since then, they went on to film Teen Mom 2. Lind has been in and out of trouble over the last several years, forcing Houska to act as a single parent for most of Aubree’s life. After things didn’t work out with Houska, he moved on to be with Taylor Halbur. The two welcomed a daughter, Paislee, just two years ago. Currently, Lind is not with either woman but does see both of his daughters on weekends.

Teen Mom 2 began airing a few weeks ago, and fans saw a new and improved Adam Lind. It appeared that he was getting his life back on track. Lind is building a business and buying a new home. While things appeared to be going good, one of his choices on the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2 could land Lind in trouble. According to Radar Online, Adam Lind allowed his two daughters to come into contact with a registered sex offender. This could cause issues with the girls’ mothers, especially Chelsea Houska. The episode aired on Monday night, featuring the girls at a trampoline park with the man in question.

As of now, Adam Lind has yet to comment on the situation. It has only been a few days since the Teen Mom 2 episode aired, and the news is now being reported across various outlets. Chelsea Houska has not commented, but fans are wondering whether or not she will take action to reduce Lind’s involvement with Aubree. Right now, Houska is busy planning her wedding to Cole DeBoer, and this is just more drama she doesn’t need to deal with.

It is unclear whether or not Adam Lind knew the man in question was a sex offender, although he has been registered for eight years. His most recent offense happened back in March when he decided to show a picture of a penis to an underage cashier at a store. The incident was reported, and the man was taken into custody just a few days later. Lind will presumably deny knowing anything about his friend’s sex offenses. Currently, the man in question is incarcerated with a court date set for later this month.

Fans are interested to see what Adam Lind is going to say about the situation. He usually isn’t shy about talking to fans or haters when accused of something. In fact, Lind spelled out exactly what kind of salaries the Teen Mom 2 moms were making, specifically Chelsea Houska. The fact that he has yet to come forward and deny knowing his friend’s troubled past makes things a bit suspicious. Several of Lind’s friends have been featured on the show over the last several seasons, and the man in question was not a familiar face. It may very well be that he had no idea his friend was a sex offender, especially since he didn’t think twice about having his young daughters around him.

Since custody has been brought up by Chelsea Houska in regards to Adam Lind, this could have an impact. Now that the show is airing, she is looking to get more child support. It was revealed that Lind has paid the same amount over the last six years despite gaining better employment. He could find himself with restricted visits after this latest incident, especially since the man in question was still doing bad things after being on the registry for eight years. Adam Lind isn’t always perfect with the decisions he makes regarding his children, but knowingly putting them in danger isn’t something fans believe he would do.

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