‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Flashes Back To The Ben Incident, Rafe Opens Up To Hope, And Summer Interrupts Brady And Theresa

Things are heating up this week on Days of Our Lives, and spoilers indicate that emotional moments are on the way during Thursday’s show. Rafe and Hope shared some passionate kisses during Wednesday’s episode, and he is about to take things a step further. In addition, Brady and Theresa encounter an interruption during an outing, and there is more on the way related to Ben, Chad, and Abigail in this April 14 show as well.

The romance between Hope and Rafe has been moving along fairly slowly so far, but Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that this may be shifting. Now that the two have shared some hot smooches, it seems that he will be ready to take a leap. According to We Love Soaps, Rafe will tell Hope how much he loves her during Thursday’s show.

How will Hope react to Rafe’s declaration? Surely this will not come entirely as a surprise, but she may well not be ready to reciprocate his feelings. The loss of Bo is still fairly fresh, and it wasn’t that long ago that she married Aiden for that matter. However, there are signs that Rafe and Hope’s romance may be taking some steps forward, although Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that a shake-up may be on the way with Daniel Cosgrove returning as Aiden Jennings soon.

Elsewhere in Salem, SheKnows Soaps details that Brady and Theresa will orchestrate a romantic date night. They have managed to repair their rocky relationship and are planning a future together, but Summer has been on the fringes providing plenty of interruptions. The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Summer is about to interfere in this relationship yet again by intruding on their date night in some way.

Earlier in the week, viewers watched as Abigail made a big move to try to kill Ben for all he has done to her, but Chad intervened before she completed her plan of revenge. Ben has been hospitalized, but Abigail seemed to block out everything that had happened. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Chad will connect with Rafe during this episode to discuss what has happened. Ben already escaped from the psychiatric facility once, and Chad will surely be anxious to ensure that Ben gets locked up and never is free again.

Abigail may have blocked out the encounter with Ben initially, but Days of Our Lives spoilers note that she will start to have some flashbacks during Thursday’s show. All of the drama she has faced as a result of Ben’s actions has clearly taken a toll on her mental health, and it sounds as if things may get even worse soon. Fans have suspected that Abigail might have a full nervous breakdown and have to head to a psychiatric facility herself in the coming weeks, and it is certainly looking like that will be the case.


Kate Mansi is leaving the role of Abigail very soon, and it has been said that there will be a gap of several months before a recast takes over the role. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Abby’s father Jack, played by Matthew Ashford, will appear for a few episodes soon, and it sounds as if there are some heartbreaking scenes coming soon. Fans of Chad and Abigail as a couple are sad that there seemingly will not be much time for these two to simply be happily married together before things shift, but there should be some powerful moments on the way.

What comes next for Hope and Rafe now that he has opened up about his feelings toward her? Can Abigail and Chad survive this heartbreak caused by Ben? Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.


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