‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Spoilers: HBO Releases 360 Degree Opening Credits

Game of Thrones Season 6 begins in just over a week, and HBO has amped up its promotions, releasing new clips and extended scenes almost daily. Yesterday we received a really cool treat: a 360-degree version of the Game of Thrones opening credits. It’s interactive, so you can click and drag your way across Westeros. The video is the result of a collaboration between HBO, Facebook, Oculus, and Elastic. Like a dragon, you can climb higher into the air and look at a larger area, or you can descend for a closer look. You can even fly between the legs of that Game of Thrones icon, the Titan of Braavos.

The Game of Thrones opening sequence has always been pretty incredible with its view of each of the kingdoms within Westeros. Fans of the HBO hit will love playing with this video and getting a closer look at the locations of some of their favorite spots. You can watch the mechanical models of Game of Thrones castles and towers up close as they rise to their full height and then collapse again. You can get a look at the Night’s Watch as they climb the Wall.


There’s so much to look forward to in Season 6 of Game of Thrones. The question that has been talked about since the last episode of Season 5, of course, is “Is Jon Snow dead or alive?” Several Game of Thrones cast members have said he is dead now. But rumors that Melisandre will resurrect him are making the rounds and that theory gained momentum when we recently learned that the first episode is titled “The Red Woman,” and that the description of that episode mentions Jon Snow’s death.

Another popular Game of Thrones theory is related to the true parentage of Jon Snow, and previous teasers and trailers of Season 6 appear to be a younger Ned Stark in a battle near the Tower of Joy. The “R+L=J” fan theory is that Jon Snow’s mother is Ned Stark’s sister, Lyanna, the L in the R+L=J theory. Never fear though, we’re not saying that Lyanna was Ned’s mistress referred to in Season 1 of Game of Thrones. Jaime and Cersei or still the only siblings with an incestuous relationship.

The theory is that Lyanna is in the Tower of Joy where Ned has this battle. He goes to her as she is dying next to her newborn baby. Viewers who have been watching Game of Thrones since Season 1 also know that Ned’s friend, Robert Baratheon, was in love with Lyanna. The R+L=J theory says that, contrary to what we’ve been told, Lyanna was not forcibly taken by Rhaegar Targaryen; the two were in love, and Jon Snow is their child. This would make him part Targaryen and part Stark. Between a Game of Thrones clip of the battle near the Tower of Joy and reports that Bran Stark will have visions of the past that help him piece together the truth, suspicions are high and hopeful that we’ll finally learn who Jon Snow’s real parents are.


Game of Thrones and winter are coming to HBO as spring arrives and GOT fans couldn’t be more excited. Showrunners say it’s their best season ever. Those in attendance at this weekend’s premiere showing of the first episode were in awe. Was it because of Jon Snow’s resurrection? Was it because of an epic battle scene we’ve been promised by showrunners? You never know what’s coming in Game of Thrones and this season is sure to be no different. A more vulnerable Melisandra, a stronger Sansa, White Walkers, and so much more is so close and yet so far. Luckily, it is nearly here. April 24 is only 10 days away now. It can’t get here soon enough.

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