Carole Radziwill Confirms ‘Real Housewives Of New York’ Newbie Jules Wainstein Has ‘Weight Issues’

The Real Housewives of New York has officially started Season 8, and the drama is already starting to ramp up between Bethenny Frankel and newcomer Jules Wainstein. While Frankel was the first to bring up Wainstein’s weight, Carole Radziwill recently confirmed her co-star’s weight struggles.

In an interview with Us Magazine, Radziwill revealed that she talked about weight problems with Wainstein, but only after she felt comfortable enough to discuss the issue. Radziwill also stated that Wainstein has yet to bring up the topic on camera because she is still getting to know the other women on the show.

“You know, I let her talk about it when she felt comfortable talking about it, and she’s pretty open about her weight issues, and it’s a very complicated issue and when you’re navigating new friendships,” Radziwill explained. “I can’t say it was a smooth road, talking about all that. It was a bumpy road, but we go down the road and talk about it.”

During the first episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Frankel suspected Wainstein had an eating disorder because of her thin appearance. While she didn’t broach the topic directly with Wainstein, she did mention it on camera.

“She looks like a really thin girl — like, she looks like there is an issue,” Frankel stated. “I wrote a book called Naturally Thin. This is not naturally thin. It’s the kind of thing that makes people around you uncomfortable. I never had an eating disorder. I had a mother who had an eating disorder, and I’ve been around it, and I understand it.”

Despite the discussion about her weight, Jules Wainstein has thoroughly enjoyed her time on the show so far. In fact, RHONY’s newest cast member told Us that she’s thrilled to watch the new season even though she already knows what goes down.

When it comes to her fellow castmates, Wainstein shared how she wasn’t afraid of meeting any of them and was positive about the opportunity to meet new people. Of course, it helps that Wainstein has been able to forge a strong bond with Radziwill.

Speaking of Carole Radziwill, the reality star is moving forward in her relationship with Adam Kenworthy. According to Radar Online, the couple is starting to get serious despite the large age gap between the lovers.

“Things with Adam and I are great,” Radziwill told the outlet. “I guess it’s been a year and a half. Who knew?”

Radziwill also revealed that she and Kenworthy have adopted a puppy they call Baby. However, when questioned on whether or not she’s planning on having children of her own, Radziwill doesn’t think that will happen anytime soon.

“I feel like I’m beyond the age of having children, so no we don’t talk about that,” she shared. “Like I say in my tagline, I plan for the future, but I live in the moment. No, we’re not talking like that. We’re just having a good time, and we’re taking it day by day.”

Apart from her romantic life, Radziwill also discussed her relationship with Countess Luann de Lesseps. Although the two have had their troubles as of late — mostly concerning LuAnn’s rude remarks concerning Carole and Adam — Radziwill revealed that things are starting to look up. This is mostly due to the fact that both Radziwill and de Lesseps have come to terms with their disagreements and are okay with the fact that they’ll never be best friends. Whether or not the two will be able to stick to this agreement this year is yet to be seen.

The current season of The Real Housewives of New York continues Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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