Japanese 3D-Printing Company Creates Models Of Unborn Babies

Ultrasound images are now out of date. Expecting mothers now have the opportunity to spruce up their mantlepiece by purchasing a 3D-printed scultpure of their unborn fetus.

According to wired.co.uk, a Japanese engineering company, Fasotec, can convert an unborn baby’s MRI scan into a 3D replica of the fetus. This way, the mother will have the chance to see exactly what the unborn child looks like while still in the womb. Fasotec has teamed up with Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic to provide this sevice.

The process requires that the mother get their fetus scanned with an MRI machine. After the fetus has it’s MRI done, the scan is then run through 3D imaging software and developed into a print-ready cad file.

According to geekosystem.com, Fasotec is calling these 3D keepsakes “Shape of an Angel.” The keepsake depicts the entire pelvic region of the mother. Fasotec uses clear resin to showcase the torso and mother’s womb, and white resin to create the fetus. The white resin gives the fetus the ability to be clearly seen through the clear resin.

The “Shape of an Angel” keepsake’s measurements are around 90 x 60 x 40 and will set you back 100,000 yen. 100,000 yen would equal out to about $1,278.45 in US currency. The 3D replica comes ready to be displayed in a “tasteful” jewelry box.

Though Fasotec is now developing these unique replicas for expecting mothers and families, the Japanese engineering company specializes in medical imaging and model making.

These replicas will surely take the place of embarrassing pictures when they are shown to their child’s new significant others as they get older.

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