AdExcel: Ning for advertising [500 invites for Inquisitr readers]

AdExcel is a new social performance advertising service that marries social advertising with the ability for users to build their own advertising network.

Like Ning, AdExcel allows anybody to create their own advertising networks. Publishers can earn from multiple revenue streams not only from ads served on their own websites, but also revenue bonuses from publishers and advertisers within their own network. The network includes widgets reminiscent of Google Friend Connect, where users within each network can promote sites within the network, and other networking tools that assist in the ongoing success of each network.

The ads, called “socialized ads” offer something different as well. Ad units allow users to share comments and rate the ads, delivering a more social ad space while allowing advertisers to know what works and what doesn’t. Further, the comments act as a social recommendations platform, so a user can browse comments about an advertiser, using them as a basis to check out the advertised site or item.

Naturally, any advertising network is as only good as the ads they are able to place, and the returns they deliver to publishers. The service is still in closed beta, so it’s early days, but the interesting mix does offer something unique at a time that online ad outfits are a dime a dozen.

We have 500 invites exclusively for Inquisitr readers. Visit this link and sign up with the code inquisitr to get in. First come, first served basis.

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