John Cusack Gets Restraining Order On Woman Who Threatens To Curse His Penis

John Cusack has a stalker who has threatened to curse his penis with a little black magic. Cusack, a famous teen actor in movies such as Sixteen Candles and Better Off Dead, is now 49 years old and has dozens of movies under his belt, but he’s not looking for any black magic down there. The charming bachelor, with his quirky mannerisms and messy hair, has dated his share of beautiful women, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Melissa Gilbert, and Uma Thurman, but he has yet to find Ms. Right. Apparently, this fan thinks she knows what’s best for him.

Cusack, who lives a private life in Malibu away from the spotlight, has filed for a restraining order, telling the court that Marieretno Subali stakes out his home and has shown up multiple times over the last three months but Cusack has not been home. Cusack also believes that Subali is tracking his movements through social media, and he is concerned that one day, Subali will be waiting for him to return home. He is concerned for his safety of the nether regions.

John Cusack gets threats of black magic on penis
John Cusack, famous for his quirky characters, gets threats on his penis from star-struck fan. [Photo by Matt Sayles/AP Images]
Marieretno Subali is not only obsessed with John Cusack, but she has been reaching out to his family as well. She has been sending emails to his sister-in-law, according to New York Daily News. Subali said that Cusack came to her in a dream. It appears that the infatuation comes from “her favorite actor” starring in the movie Serendipity. The pleasantries don’t last though. Subali said in another email to his sister-in-law that she was going to perform some black magic on John Cusack’s penis that would make him impotent for life. That was enough for Cusack to get serious about the fanatic and seek legal assistance.

John Cusack has several family members in the movie industry, including his father, Dick Cusack, and his siblings, Joan, Ann, Bill, and Susie, though John is the most well-known of the Cusack clan. John has won awards for his movies Say Anything, Con Air, The Thin Red Line, and Maps to the Stars.

John Cusack gets restraining order
John Cusack gets restraining order against fan. [Photo Matt Sayles/AP Images]
This is not John Cusack’s first stalker. In March 2008, Emily Leatherman was arrested at Cusack’s Malibu home for stalking. Leatherman had been putting love letters in bags with rocks and screwdrivers and throwing them over his fence. She also used John Cusack’s address as her own and had her mail forwarded to him. She pleaded no contest in October 2008 and was sentenced to five years probation and mandatory psychiatric counseling. Leatherman was ordered to stay away from Cusack for ten years.

In 2013, another ill-fated fan, Elizabeth Pahlke, was arrested on Cusack’s property when she attempted to hand-deliver a letter to Cusack. Pahlke had been star-struck for years, sending John Cusack emails, letters, and voicemails telling him they were supposed to be together. She climbed into Cusack’s home through a window, but John was not home at the time. It was caught on security cameras. He subsequently applied for a restraining order, stating that Pahlke “claims that the angels told her that we were together in a previous life, and that she needs to be with me now in order for me to remember how special she was to me.” His request was granted.

John Cusack recently put his Malibu beach home on the market, making one wonder if he’s not looking for a more secluded life away from prying eyes and penis hexes. Cusack also owns a condo in Chicago.

A judge granted John Cusack a restraining order for his latest stalker, according to TMZ. Subali must stay 100 yards away from Cusack and have no contact with him or his family.

[Photo by Charles Sykes/AP Images]

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