Ciara And Russell Wilson Prepare For Wedding As Future Slams Singer In His Response To Her Lawsuit

Ciara and Russell Wilson are in the midst of an exciting time, but unfortunately, their engagement and future wedding has been tainted by the drama between Ciara and her ex-boyfriend, Future.

Earlier this year, Ciara filed a $15 million lawsuit against her ex, claiming he had defamed her with recent statements about her parenting, her relationship with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and Wilson’s closeness to her and Future’s young son.

Months later, Future issued a response to the suit, and it isn’t pretty.

On April 13, TMZ shared details from a countersuit filed by Future, stating that because Ciara has no reputation, he couldn’t have possibly tarnished it.

Following Ciara and Russell Wilson’s April engagement, Future filed court documents that allege Ciara’s career has been over for years. Although the rapper did acknowledge that her fan base is “reasonably large,” he claimed her latest album was a “flop” and said she hasn’t won many awards since 2013.

In his countersuit, Future requested a judge force Ciara to stop talking badly about him and also requested she pay the legal bills he accrues while fighting her suit.

The Jasmine Brand shared details about Ciara and Future’s legal battle as well, revealing Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship had been targeted by Future beginning in June 2015, according to the songstress’ initial suit. At that point, Future allegedly exploited Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship in an effort to gain publicity for his new CD.

Ciara also slammed Future for accusing her of implying that she needed to be involved in a relationship with Russell Wilson and had used her son for publicity by staging a photo, which featured Wilson pushing her son in a stroller.

According to Ciara, Future’s allegations against her have jeopardized potential career opportunities.

In other news, Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship was a hot topic in a new magazine after Ciara opened up about their engagement and upcoming marriage.

“I remember telling my friend the guy I wanted: a God fearing-man with a very fun spirit who loves kids and would really, truly care for me. I was very specific because I do believe you can have it all,” Ciara revealed to Essence Magazine, according to an E! News report on April 11.

Ciara and Russell Wilson began dating in early 2015, but before that, she was involved in a relationship with Future, which ended amid rumors of cheating. Needless to say, Ciara admitted that the drama between her and her ex wasn’t part of her life plan.

“That wasn’t necessarily part of my vision, but the moment I realized I was going to be a single mother, I had to reflect and reorganize my thoughts. I decided to trust that God had a plan for me, and move forward one day at a time,” Ciara explained.

As for her impending marriage to Wilson, Ciara said she and her future husband speak frequently about their life together.

“Marriage is something I look forward to. I believe in family, and the beauty of two people committing to spend their lives together,” she explained. “We talk about everything. To me, to both of us, that’s the foundation you need for love to flourish and reach its highest place. I want to live with as much lightness as possible, so I can stay focused on my love of God, and being the best mom, and the best person, I can be.”

Ciara and Russell Wilson have not yet announced a wedding date.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV]

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