‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Jennifer Tries To Get Custody Of Abigail’s Baby

Days of Our Lives viewers are about to see some very interesting things happen in Salem, and most of them include Abigail Deveraux-DiMera and her mother, Jennifer Horton.

According to Serial Scoop, the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers are in, and they’re not looking good for poor Abigail. It has been revealed that Abby’s mother, Jennifer, will try to fight for custody of Abigail and Chad’s baby boy, Thomas.

The report reveals that Jennifer will fight Chad for custody of Thomas, and that means that the spoilers about Abigail heading to the mental hospital are likely true.

Ever since Abigail’s ex-boyfriend, Ben Weston, escaped custody, Days of Our Lives viewers have watched as Abby has battled with her inner demons. Abigail has often seen Ben only in her mind, and had full conversations with him. It was these moments that Abby’s husband, Chad DiMera, began to question his wife’s mental state.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Abigail headed to the mental hospital?
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However, last week, when Abigail finally did see Ben in the flesh, she completely freaked out. Ben told Abby that he wanted to be with her again, and Abigail used his emotion to seduce him into her bed. Once she had him where she wanted him, she quickly began her revenge plan. Abby tied Ben to the bed, stabbed him, and poured lighter fluid all over him. After remembering how Ben nearly killed her and Chad the same way, Abby light a match and set Ben on fire. Thankfully, Chad stopped her, and Ben was taken to the hospital alive to be treated for his burns.

Now that Chad knows what Abigail has been up to, he’ll likely want his wife to get some help, and since Days of Our Lives fans know that Kate Mansi, who plays Abigail, is leaving the show very soon, it’s possible that Abby will go stay in a mental institution to get help.

It will likely be during this time that Jennifer will decide she wants to take care of Thomas, instead of leaving the baby boy in the hands of his father, Chad. However, at the moment, it seems that Chad is the best person to take care of Thomas.

Days of Ours Lives viewers have been watching as Jennifer has been spiraling out of control with her drug addiction, and she is obviously not a good candidate to take care of a baby.

Melissa Reeves talks about Jennifer's future on Days of Our Lives.
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Actress Melissa Reeves recently weighed in on the turn her character is taking, saying,

“When she finally loses it and everything comes crashing down, they do a whole episode with my character falling apart. The entire episode. This drug story has been very well written. It’s sweet because they brought back Matt Ashford [Jack], I guess as a ghost… The scenes are only Jack and Jennifer. No one else sees him, so he’s either a ghost or she wants to see Jack so much that it’s all in her mind. He shows up and talks her through things when she’s at her worst and it’s pretty wonderful. I’m glad they did that.”

Reeves also confirmed that Jen will try to get custody of Thomas, saying, “We will get into that whole thing with Chad, when Jennifer tries to get custody of Thomas.”

It looks like Days of Our Lives has some big plans for Jennifer’s character in the near future, and fans are excited to see how it all ends up for the character. Will she end up in rehab, or with a baby to take care of?

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Should Jennifer get custody of Thomas?

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