WWE Rumors: Update On AJ Styles’ Injury Suffered At ‘SmackDown’ Taping — How Long Will He Be Out?

AJ Styles has come a long way in the very short amount of time he has been in WWE. He made his debut at the Royal Rumble in January and already will have a WWE World Heavyweight Title match against champion Roman Reigns at Payback in early May. The only thing that could hold him back is an injury and last night at the SmackDown taping, something did happen to him and now there’s a big update on his status.

Last night at the SmackDown taping in Los Angeles, AJ Styles was taking on Alberto Del Rio in a singles match. During the match, Del Rio “botched a move,” according to WrestleZone, and it ended with Styles landing very awkwardly on his head.

Live reports have said that it really didn’t look good and it appeared at first as if Styles was pretty badly hurt. The match ended very quickly as Styles went to the finish of the match by rolling up Del Rio for the pin.

wwe rumors aj styles injury smackdown taping time roman reigns payback
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As soon as the match was over, Styles was heading to the backstage area up the ramp and fans say he was indeed holding his head. It’s not known just how serious the injury was as trainers didn’t come out to check on him and he simply left the ring area after the match with Del Rio was over.

Now, word of AJ Styles’ injury quickly spread across social media without any given word on how bad it was or how much time he would miss. A fan jumped online and tweeted at Styles saying he was hoping to see him on the upcoming WWE European tour, and the superstar responded.

This makes it seem as if he’s all right and the injury isn’t nearly as bad as some thought it may be. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that nothing went wrong during the match at the SmackDown taping and Alberto Del Rio didn’t botch any move. Supposedly, the match and the spot went off as planned and AJ Styles was simply selling the move.

Knowing that Styles isn’t injured seriously, or even at all, is great news for him and WWE. He’s part of a huge storyline right now and he’s chasing the WWE World Heavyweight Title which is currently held by Roman Reigns. At Monday Night Raw, that match was finally made official and will take place at Payback on May 1.

wwe rumors aj styles injury smackdown taping time roman reigns payback
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While Styles is the number one contender and will soon take on Reigns, WWE oddly had another storyline build up on this week’s Raw. During the show, it was Reigns and Bray Wyatt who interacted a lot more, and there was no time between Reigns and Styles at all.

Maybe they’re building toward the next feud for Reigns, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the program with Styles.

WWE needs to realize just how popular AJ Styles truly is, and they obviously have noticed that. Placing him in a WWE Title program after less than three months in the company is a huge show of confidence, and they shouldn’t downplay it.

There was a bit of a scare at the SmackDown taping last night, and it would have been devastating for AJ Styles to have suffered a serious injury. Not only does WWE not need to lose another star, but Styles is on a hot streak right now and moving up quickly. An injury and having to miss any length of time could really damage his push. Hopefully, he really is all right and will move right along toward Roman Reigns and Payback.

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