Gary Oldman Hands Over His Commissioner Gordon Role To J.K. Simmons

Gary Oldman has been the blueprint for Commissioner Gordon since the Dark Knight trilogy. That’s why the 58-year-old actor can give advice to a new commissioner on the Gotham block, according to Movie Pilot.

The new commissioner will be played by Whiplash actor J.K. Simmons, who’ll present his performance of Gordon in The Justice League: Part One, which is scheduled to be released in November 2017. And since Gary Oldman has been the embodiment of Commissioner Gordon for some time, he has quite a few things to say to Simmons for him to not mess up the role.

It was noted by comic book fans that Gordon had never been truly brought to life before Gary Oldman’s portrayal of the character in the Dark Knight trilogy.

And although Simmons has a blueprint character of his own – his portrayal of J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies – it seems that the actor will most likely be quick to learn what made Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Gordon so mesmerizing, as he gets key advice from Oldman himself.

In his recent interview with Yahoo Movies, Oldman offered some valuable advice.

“The thing you’ve just got to get used to with Gordon is he’s a really sound detective, first of all. And he’s really incorruptible, which is a kind of wonderful quality to play and sort of, like, true blue.”

And Gary Oldman knows what he is talking about. Commissioner Gordon is nothing like the Dark Knight when it comes to battling the criminal activity in Gotham. And while Batman takes out the criminals in his own vigilante way, Gordon opts for a more civilized method. The commissioner does everything by the book and doesn’t tolerate vigilantism.

And even though Batman and Gordon, who was so perfectly portrayed by Gary Oldman in the Dark Knight trilogy, are very different when it comes to taking out the criminals of Gotham, they could still become allies in their efforts to bring down the criminal activity and stop some of the most evil characters of the comic book universe.

When Gary Oldman found out Simmons was chosen for the role of Commissioner Gordon in The Justice League: Part One, his reaction was short but clear: “God bless him.”

And while The Justice League: Part One fans cannot help but wonder what Simmons’ portrayal of Gordon will be like, one thing is certain: he will follow some or even most of the blueprints introduced by his predecessor, Oldman.

In other news, Criminal, starring Gary Oldman, hits theaters this week, according to Enstarz. The action-thriller movie was written by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg and directed by Ariel Vromen.

Gary Oldman plays alongside such stars as Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. According to the film’s description, the plot of the upcoming film will be centered around Jericho Stewart, played by Costner, an unpredictable and violent convict. And despite the fact that Stewart is dangerous, he inherits the memories and skills of a CIA agent that has passed away.

Stewart will be tasked with completing a mission which was started by the deceased CIA agent. The film hits theaters on April 15. Costner is cast as Stewart, Oldman as Quaker Wells, Jones as Dr. Franks, Eve as Lynch, Gadot as Jill Pope, and Reynolds as Bill Pope.

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