WWE News: WWE Tried To Separate Enzo & Cass Before They Even Got Started

To think, not that long ago, the WWE had a dearth of tag teams in the company, and now there are enough viable teams to fill out an entire tournament to determine new number one contenders for The New Day’s WWE Tag Team Championships. And on top of that, there’s the potential of having three tag-team matches on the Payback card next month, not to mention a probable six-man tag team match between the League of Nations and The Wyatt Family. But two of the superstars aiding in this tag team renaissance are former NXT standouts, Enzo & Cass.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady made their main-roster debuts the night after WrestleMania on the April 4 edition of Monday Night RAW. The pair made an immediate impact announcing their presence to the locker room and WWE audience alike. Their first targets seem to be the Dudley Boyz, though the two teams (spoilers) have advanced and will meet in the semifinals of the tag team tournament. There’s a chance either Bubba Ray & D-Von, or Enzo & Cass will be given the opportunity to face The New Day, but due to the successful build so far, chances are a swerve may happen before then, ultimately pitting the teams against each other at the May pay-per-view.

enzo and cass nearly split up before they started
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Enzo & Cass were the longest-tenured tag team in NXT, but curiously never won the championships there. It might be a quicker ride to the top of the division on the main roster thanks to their skyrocketing popularity in just two short weeks. They’ve already drawn comparisons to The New Age Outlaws due to their quick wit and memorable catchphrases. Enzo & Cass had even been rumored for a call-up as far back as late last year to feud with Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, but it was delayed. Fans have clamored for a program between the two, but now with The New Day completing a recent face-turn, that might be delayed even further.

The appeal of Enzo & Cass is evident, and their memorable debut has already landed them some media appearances. Amore and Cassady were recent guests on The Steve Austin Show, with “Stone Cold” welcoming the team to his podcast. Despite their obvious chemistry, there was shockingly a time when WWE officials tried to separate Enzo & Cass when they first embarked on their training. Amore told Austin they weren’t always a package deal, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“They actually tried, well, I’m not going to say who, but they tried to keep us apart for a long time. I had a ton of heat. Oh boy, did I have a ton of heat, literally, for the right reasons and the wrong reasons. I’m just who I am.”

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It’s only natural in the sports entertainment industry to speculate as to how long a shelf-life a team or faction has before the inevitable break-up takes place. Last week alone, we saw King Barrett get forcibly removed from the League of Nations, and heard Charlotte opine about how she can’t wait for the day to turn on her father, Ric Flair. Stone Cold asked Enzo & Cass about how long their shelf-life could conceivably last in the WWE, with Cassady’s answer first, followed by Amore’s.

“As long as the company allows it. As long as we’re selling T-shirts and action figures. When it gets stale, eventually it’s going to be time, but for now, we’re just enjoying the ride.”

“We’re just getting started, so it’s hard to look down the road that far because you never know how this thing pans out. And hey, obviously, there [have] been tag teams that made a career as tag teams.”

There is a revival in the WWE’s tag-team division, and Enzo & Cass appear to be on their way to making a major mark within it.

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