‘Cardboard Kevin’ Gets 735,000 Imgur Views In One Day: ‘Crazy’ Fiancée Banned Kevin From Birthday Weekend, Friends Brought Him Anyway

The below Imgur photo gallery called “Cardboard Kevin’s Birthday Weekend” is going seriously viral. The subtitle explains that a guy named Kevin’s significant other would not let him go on a birthday trip, so Kevin’s friends found a unique way to bring him along for the fun. Thus, “cardboard Kevin” was born.

“Friends crazy fiancee wouldn’t let him go on birthday trip with friends… we brought him anyways.”

The series of photos are reminiscent of the 1989 movie Weekend at Bernie’s, which featured a dead Bernie being carried around on a fun vacation with his friends. Thankfully, the Kevin featured in the “cardboard Kevin” photos isn’t dead, but he wasn’t permitted to go on the birthday weekend — so his friends posted the series of funny photos with hilarious captions and situations that have garnered more than 735,000 views on Imgur in one day.

Cardboard Kevin’s Birthday weekend

With Reddit helping “cardboard Kevin” go viral, the birthday weekend began with his “guns out” with the sun out, as the group set out with Kevin wearing the white tank top that he’s seen wearing throughout the whole vacation. Four men take a photo with the cardboard cutout of Kevin in his Boys & Girls Club tank top and blue bottoms in the first of the 11 images. They appear to be in an SUV with a sunroof that allows the filtered light to show off Kevin’s guns.

“Suns out guns out.”

In the next image, cardboard Kevin appears in a magnificent photo with the four guys as they use a brilliant city nighttime skyline as their backdrop.

“Crowd Surfing at the Club.”

A funny image of cardboard Kevin shows him being passed along horizontally at the club, with cardboard Kevin being held aloft by two people beneath a gorgeous chandelier.

“Never Skip Leg Day.”

The funniest photos show cardboard Kevin behind a seated leg curl LifeFitness machine at a gym, with his legs seen — revealed from beneath his blue shorts. The “bros” wanted to know cardboard Kevin’s lifting secrets — and the women who ran into cardboard Kevin at the club wanted to know more about the silent and mysterious cardboard man’s demeanor. Cardboard Kevin was irresistible to women, who had their hands all over him, which is one reason Kevin’s fiancee might not have wanted him to hang out with the bros for the birthday weekend.

However, on Reddit, those who know the real Kevin behind the cardboard image relate the fact that he and his fiancee have two young children, and that they are planning a wedding — two big reasons why she wanted him to stay home.

The viral photo gallery ends with a funny image of cardboard Kevin’s head peeking out from behind a shower curtain as a human hand holds the shower curtain in front of his cardboard body, as if someone surprised him naked in the shower.

“Oh Hey!”

The viral series of photos was obviously creative enough and took enough time and ingenuity to create to garner the 735,444 views the Imgur post has received in about 24 hours. The cardboard Kevin post was featured on the Today show, and as such, folks are reacting to the segment on social media. Facebook user Vickie Jean Drew? wrote to the Today Show, expressing her views about cardboard Kevin’s upcoming wedding.

“Just heard the report about Kevin and the ‘crazy fiancee’ — I think it would be appropriate for the fiancee to have a full size cardboard cut out of the friends at the wedding reception. It would certainly start a conversation and be a lot of fun without ruining their day and without depriving the groom of having his friends at the wedding.”

As seen in the top photo above from Wednesday, March 23, 2016, Jillian Harris pretends to kiss a cardboard cutout of Mr. Clean.

[Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Procter & Gamble/AP Images]

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