Is Harry Styles Really A Womanizer? Zayn Malik Says No, Niall Horan Says Yes

Rumors about Harry Styles’ alleged womanizing have troubled One Direction fans since the band formed on X Factor in 2010. Fans knew that Harry was charming and funny, and they recoiled at the suggestion that the beloved Harry was using these traits to bed woman after woman before discarding her, sometimes cruelly and abruptly. Styles fans pointed out that Harry is a self-professed feminist and supporter of the #HeForShe movement and is known for treating fans, staff, crew, and pretty much everyone with kindness and respect. Harry once said of One Direction that “we don’t want to objectify women. That is not what we’re about.”

Womanizer rumors are flying around again this week, with Harry’s relationship with Kendall Jenner hitting headlines after the pair were photographed together in LA. Hollywood Life reports that Harry is attempting to “romance Kendall again” now that she has pulled away after their New Years yacht romance. Kendall is rumored to be wary of “roguish” Harry.

“Now that Kendall is playing hard to get, Harry is back on the chase, trying to romance her again. He’s asked her out a couple of times and she said yes once, but she’s playing coy with him…Kendall still likes him, but she doesn’t want to get burned. They are talking and texting, but it’s not too serious. Harry may be at a point in his life now that he can commit.”

This week’s Hendall revival follows a story that Harry cheated on a fight attendant when he hooked up with Kendall in January. Not only that, it is alleged that Harry went on to two-time Kendall with London stylist Pandora Lennard.

While some people have bought the new Harry Styles womanizer rumors, many others remain skeptical.

Bustle has provided a helpful summary of some of the ways Harry has demonstrated that he respects women, from the time Harry called Niall out for being a fan of Stifler, to Harry’s support for #HeForShe, to the very existence of the song “Girl Almighty,” which Bustle calls “a feminist’s dream.” The lyrics glorify “an all-powerful woman.”

Zayn Malik leapt to Harry’s defense in an interview when Harry was questioned about his womanizing ways, saying that his bandmate is “a nice guy.” The exchange can be seen in the following video, posted by iconic Larry theorist freddieismyqueen, who edits the footage to make it look like Louis Tomlinson is disgusted by the womanizer comment.

Niall Horan, however, has hinted that Harry Styles may indeed be a womanizer. The Daily Star reported years ago that Niall was impressed by the number of girls Harry pulls on tour.

“Harry is just unbeatable. He never runs out of stamina! I’ve lost count of all the girls he’s pulled on this tour.”

Several outlets are reporting today that Harry regards Niall as his closest pal in 1D. Could there be truth in the Irishman’s comments?

A source told the Daily Star that Harry “stays up all night with pretty girls in his room. He’s a total rock ‘n’ roller.” The 1D friend called Harry “sex mad” and said that he’s “totally brazen about it.”

“He spots a girl he likes at a gig or when he’s out and about, goes right up to her and invites her to his hotel.”

Whatever the truth about Harry Styles’ hookup rate, the star definitely seems like the type who would treat his date well. Remember these comments Harry made in an interview with Disney?

Interviewer: “I have one last question. So, if there’s a really beautiful girl in the room, what would you say to her in one sentence?”
Harry: “I think…I think a girl would like it if…you compliment, like their personality rather than their looks.”

Is Harry Styles a womanizer?

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