Selena Gomez Is Over Justin Bieber Following Hailey Baldwin Dating Drama: Finally Moving On?

Despite there having been a possible reconciliation between the two, Selena Gomez is reportedly done with Justin Bieber after he secretly invited Hailey Baldwin to the iHeartRadio Music Awards, prompting the singer to believe the twosome are still a thing.

Gomez, who also attended the event, was left fuming when she found out that Justin’s supposed on-again, off again girlfriend had attended the show to support Bieber, who ended up taking home multiple awards for his platinum-selling album, Purpose.

Selena had every right to be furious, at least from what fans have said on Twitter. Justin had been trying his hardest to win the former Disney Channel star over, even going as far as posting pictures of the two kissing on his official Instagram page. But sources say he ruined everything when Gomez heard of Hailey’s arrival at the iHeartRadio Awards — it was clear that she was only there for Justin.

“Selena in her never-ending back and forth with Justin is now over him again. She doesn’t really want to deal with him right now and is now focused on her tour and career,” an insider close to the situation reveals.

And rightfully so! Selena Gomez is said to have realized that things between her Bieber aren’t meant to be, because even when they try to be together, something always gets in the way of things — and this time, it’s Hailey.

The 23-year-old is fully aware that Baldwin and her ex-boyfriend have been seeing each other since December, but if the pop singer approaches Gomez and makes it clear he wants her back, Selena has the right to assume that the couple is no longer a thing and that Justin might be ready to finally settle down.

As the insider mentioned, Selena Gomez is currently planning for her upcoming tour in support of her album, Revival, so the last thing that she wants to worry about is whether she will reconcile with Justin Bieber or not.

Gomez has stressed in the past that she still cares for the “I’ll Show You” singer, but always remained silent on the idea of rekindling their three-year relationship.

Aside from her current plans to go on tour, Selena has already returned to the studio, where she’s in the beginning stages of putting together her forthcoming record. And having seen how many hits her previous album produced with the likes of alleged Justin Bieber-inspired tracks including “Good For You” and “Same Old Love,” it is more than likely that Gomez will follow that same route with her latest project.

Selena Gomez’s reported decision to keep her distance from Justin Bieber and finally being over the pop star for good comes just weeks after Taylor Swift allegedly told her pal to stay away from her ex-boyfriend, branding him as nothing but trouble.

One insider at the time went on to reveal that Taylor is hoping to help her friend in the hopes of finding her a good man, because judging by her previous choices, Swift has been left anything but impressed.

She is tired of seeing Selena Gomez cry on her shoulder, stressing how she’s over Bieber, but then reconciles with him anyway. Taylor has always been supportive of Selena, her love life, and her career, but this time around, she’s hoping to make huge changes, hoping that Selena will finally settle with a man that loves her just as much as she loves him.

Do you think Selena will be able to leave Justin in the past and finally move on for good? Or do you think that they’ll get back together in a matter of weeks and go through endless relationship problems again?

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