TNA News: TNA Headquarters Relocating To Tennessee Warehouse, Evicted From Old Office?

TNA Wrestling has had a lot of changes over the past year. Last year they seemingly lost another television contract when Destination America parted ways with TNA. Pop TV is the new home for Impact Wrestling from TNA on a weekly basis, and the hope for TNA is that they will be able to remain at this location for a long time, similar to how they were with Spike TV for a time. The ratings have fluctuated since their arrival, but nothing has been considered impressive for the company since its move.

This has made many question the future of TNA Wrestling. Over the last year, they have not only lost a television deal and picked up a newer one, but they have also lost a lot of TNA Originals. Many of them have ended up in WWE or will end up with the company before the year is up. It begs the question, will TNA be able to last much longer? From the looks of things, it does appear that things are not exactly going their way.

According to PWInsider, TNA has moved its Headquarters from Cummins Station in Nashville, Tennessee to their ShopTNA warehouse, which happens to also be located in the same city. The move is set to officially occur in May. To their credit, the warehouse is by no means a very small place. It does have room to house an official office for TNA management. It just comes off a bit tacky for fans to see.

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The Wrestling Observer notes that TNA was actually evicted from the Commins Station property, which is interesting to note. TNA President Dixie Carter has used this office building for years, dating back to her old business known as Trifecta. TNA Headquarters was relocated there when Dixie and Panda Energy got involved with the company. That means TNA has been there for over a decade at least.

For what it’s worth regarding the eviction, PWInsider notes that this is uncertain, as TNA officials knew about the move for a little while now. A source told PWI that the reason they were moving was because “of leases expiring” but that the move had been planned for a few months now. This sounds more like TNA was unable to afford to remain at this particular office building and decided to sort of downsize a bit and create an office building out of their warehouse.

TNA’s warehouse is between 20,000 – 25,000 square foot, which means they do have room for products and offices. TNA’s future does look a bit grim due the fact that they cannot even hold down an office they have used for years now. They had many opportunities to move to the warehouse in the past, but they are just now doing it. If this was about the company needing to move there for the betterment of the business, it makes sense. However, that ship sailed a while back.

Many believe they went there because they simply had to move and the warehouse was already in use. It does make sense, especially with the rumored financial issues TNA is going through right now.

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According to SEScoops, they are trying to raise up money to pay airfare for talent to come out to the next round of TV tapings. Right now, they apparently do not have it. TNA does have an investor willing to put up any money needed currently, but the investor wants a controlling interest. Dixie refuses to give up that much. Dixie reportedly promised employees at a staff meeting last week that “big things are on the horizon” for the company, which has been a line used for some time.

TNA officials are still meeting with potential investors and partners, but obviously they do have one that they do not want to sell to. We will have to wait and see how long that lasts.

TNA’s relationship with Pop TV is okay, so far. A decision was made to move the Impact Wrestling replays from Tuesday nights to Saturday mornings. The reason given was because the replays were not bringing in good enough numbers to justify taking up a Tuesday slot. The move was decided by both TNA and Pop TV, but ultimately the network makes that call. TNA is actually hoping that the Saturday replay can do well and work as sort of a test for them. If it does well, TNA would like to make a secondary show that would air on the weekend. Right now, Pop TV is happy with TNA, but a second show is up in the air.

TNA is most likely going to lose a lot of big names when their contracts come up this year. This will be a blow for them, but there is hope within TNA that the company can keep their top talent. They have yet to keep a major name when contracts have come up this year, barring Jeff Hardy, who was hurt at the time. As for TNA HQ, it is uncertain if an HQ move is proof of TNA being in their last days, but at the end of the day, it does not look good for them at least.

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