Chris Pratt Has Hotter Chemistry With Jennifer Lawrence Than Bradley Cooper?

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have been the golden couple on the silver screens. Not only have they been in multiple Oscar-nominated films together as the romantic interests, they have such undeniable chemistry that they have been planned to be in many more together. But it looks like Chris Pratt is here to challenge that status quo.

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are starring in a new movie called Passengers, and from the first footage released this week, their on-screen chemistry is pretty high.

“Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt showed they have steamy chemistry on the big screen as the first footage of the two passionately kissing in this December’s sci-fi romance ‘Passengers’ unspooled at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday,” reports the Wrap.

Check out the promotional poster of Passengers!

The footage that was shown included the two characters going on “a fancy date, hit the pool, enjoy a movie,” with Chris’ character saying, “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“To that, Lawrence crawls up on a table, tosses aside their trays of food, and gets close enough to kiss him passionately. And yes, it’s hot — objectively speaking,” reports the Wrap.

Sounds like Passengers will substitute Chris Pratt as the go-to romantic buddy for Jennifer Lawrence. Bradley Cooper will have to find another acting job elsewhere.

So what is it about the dynamics of Chris and Jennifer’s characters that gets the blood pumping?

“My character is a writer in New York and she wants to be one of the first people to make the 120-year journey to another planet and come back and write about it,” explained Lawrence according to Vanity Fair.

On the other hand, Chris Pratt said that his character “Jim is a mechanic and he is the type of guy who fixes things.”

They couldn’t be more opposite,” said Jennifer, before cracking up at the ridiculous line that the teleprompter is making her say.

By the sounds of it, Chris and Jennifer has a great chemistry as real people on stage! Maybe it is time that Bradley Cooper got a little worried.

Check them out doubling over laughing on the red carpet of CinemaCon.

Sadly, there is very little chance that the 25-year-old actress and 36-year-old actor will become a couple in real life. Not only has Jennifer been super picky about the man that she dates, Chris is married to Anna Faris and has a son named Jack.

Check out Chris Pratt teaching his son how to fish!

On the other hand, JLaw is busy figuring out her own dating life. Recently, she was caught laughing with a curly-haired mystery man, but it was soon discovered that he was a fiance of one of her close friends.

It is also a shame that Bradley Cooper is also happily involved with someone else. That lucky lady, Irina Shayk has been flaunting the relationship in a more public sphere recently.

But that doesn’t mean that Jennifer has all the time on her hands. Her next X-Men movie is coming out next month, and she has been gearing toward promoting that. In fact, she has been angling to get in the casting for the next one.

“I am dying to come back,” she told Empire. “I love these movies, I love being in them. I love ensemble movies because it’s not on anyone’s shoulders.”

The 36-year-old actor is busy with the shooting of the sequel of his big hit Guardians of the Galaxy. He has been filling his Instagram feed to keep his fans interested in the process of making the second film.

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