‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Spoilers: New Extended Scenes Show Sansa, Cersei, And Daenerys In Desperate Times

It’s less than two weeks until the premiere of Season 6 of Game of Thrones and HBO has begun leaking some spoilers. Yesterday, they released three extended scenes, two of them from the season premiere that will air on April 24. The other scene is from the third episode. Here’s the first one.

By the looks of it, the first episode of Season 6 of Game of Thrones will pick up with Sansa and Theon right where Season 5 left off, with the two of them fleeing Winterfell. The faint bark of Ramsay’s hounds tracking them can be heard in the background. Theon urges Sansa to keep running. Of course, what’s a Game of Thrones escape scene without an obstacle and frigid temperatures? This clip from the Season 6 opener ends with the two escapees reaching a half-frozen river. To cross it would mean Ramsay’s hounds would lose their scent. But really? Cross an icy stream? We have no doubt that one of our favorite Game of Thrones women, Sansa Stark, will summon up the courage to do it.

Next in the extended Game of Thrones Season 6 scenes recently released by HBO is one of Cersei and Jaime Lannister talking. This twisted incestuous Game of Thrones relationship is supposed to get even more dark and weird this year than it already was. Who would have thought? This spoiler scene gives us a glimpse at some of what may go on between the two when Game of Thrones returns to the small screen. Take a look.

Cersei is apparently looking at her daughter’s corpse. Regardless of this Game of Thrones character’s multitude of undesirable and downright evil qualities, she is a mother and this scene is heartbreaking in that sense. However, her recollection of the first dead body she ever saw, that of her mother, reminds viewers of a hatred to which she has clung throughout Game of Thrones; a hatred for her dwarf brother Tyrion Lannister during whose birth their mother died. She blames him for her death and has done all manner of cruel things to him because of it. Game of Thrones has included graphic violence and gore throughout previous seasons and Cersei’s description in this scene of watching her dead mother’s body change will make you wince. It’s both heartbreaking and stomach-turning as she imagines those things happening to her dead Myrcella. In spite of all Cersei has done to him, Jaime tries to comfort her, tells her not to think about it. She insists that she has to think about it.

What will follow this scene? Previous Game of Thrones Season 6 trailers have included shots of a scene that look very much like this one. In that scene, Jaime tells Cersei that they will take back all that has been taken from them and then some. Perhaps that is the continuation of this scene.


And our final new, extended Game of Thrones scene. This one, we are told, will be part of the third episode of Season 6. Here it is. Check it out.

This one also builds on a scene that has been included in previous Game of Thrones Season 6 trailers and teasers. Daenerys arrives at Vaes Dothrak, the only Dothraki city, as a captive. She is disrespected by her fellow travelers. When she reaches the Khal, he welcomes her and calls her Khaleesi. So far he has not shown her any disrespect, but fans wonder how the rest of this Game of Thrones scene will unfold. Daenerys has a fiery pride within her and viewers can’t imagine her being kept down for long.

The wait is nearly over. Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres on HBO on April 24 at 9 p.m. ET. We’ve been promised the best Game of Thrones season ever. Bring it!

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